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What you need to know

  • Apple TV+ reportedly has the highest streaming quality out of all services.
  • FlatpanelsHD conducted testing on the bitrate of the service's 4K streaming quality.
  • Streaming quality is reportedly higher than most iTunes movies.

Apple TV+ is just getting started, but apparently its streaming quality has already surpassed most, if not all of its competition. Recent testing on the bitrate of Apple's streaming service from FlatpanelsHD have shown that the newest member of the streaming wars came to play with the highest quality 4K they have ever seen:

"Apple TV+ has highest the streaming quality we've seen for 4K so far. It's higher than most iTunes movies. Over the weekend, I took the first batch of measurements. I'm planning to do more later. It's worth pointing out that Apple TV+ uses variable bitrate with a quite wide span from low to top, so the console must run for some time to calculate the average bitrate."

A higher bitrate equals a higher throughput of data, so as long as your television is able to take advantage of it, you'll be able to enjoy better overall picture quality. Those who do have the capability of handling such streaming quality should be able to notice a difference in the quality of the image.

"See has the highest bitrate so far. 29 Mb/s average video bitrate and 41 Mb/s video peak (I don't know if it hits that occasionally or rarely, since the console only reports average and peak). The Elephant Queen averages around 26 Mb/s for video bitrate. It's great to see Apple making 4K Dolby Vision the new default and Snoopy hits relatively high bitrates considering that it's a cartoon."

Apple TV+ is available now for $4.99 per month and the subscription can be shared with up to 6 family members with Apple's Family Sharing program. Apple is also still running its promotion which gives you a free year of Apple TV+ when you purchase a new iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple TV.