Apple TV will soon get its own dedicated iHeartRadio app

Music fans will soon be able to access thousands of live radio stations via the new Apple TV set-top box. iHeartRadio announced plans to launch its own dedicated Apple TV app in the near future:

IHeartRadio stated:

The integration with Apple TV will allow users to experience all of the core elements of the iHeartRadio app including access to thousands of Live Stations, Custom Stations (based on a song or artist search) and podcasts. Both registered and unregistered users of iHeartRadio will be able to play Live and Custom Radio, view For You recommendations, save favorite stations and access iHeartRadio's newest feature - My Favorites Radio – which combines a user's favorite stations and artists into one station. The new interface also features sleek design elements optimized for the Apple TV viewing experience.

iHeartRadio did not reveal when its Apple TV app will become available in the App Store.

Source: iHeartRadio

John Callaham

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  • All I care about is when the heck do I get my Podcast app back?
  • I think there will be better 3rd party App's to use anyway. As for iheartradio. I've had it on my iPhone for years and never use it. Maybe it's time to check it out once again. I'm normally these days just using Amazon Prime Music app since I've been a long time Prime Member. It's pretty good and it's FREE. Why not take advantage of that? I'm not paying $10 a month for Apple Music as I just don't tune into a lot of music these days. I have a number of Podcasts I tune into and Amazon Music for other times. Maybe if Apple offered say a $4.99 price point with limited hours or something I'd sign up. I'm sure not paying $120 a year for something I'd only tune into once in a while.
  • 3rd party Podcast apps won't have the ones I subscribe to just sitting there. I'll have to create a whole new collection. Plus I like that the Podcast app on the old Apple TV synced with my iPad and iPhone.
  • i went to the Apple store to browse the available appletv apps. I was pretty surprised. I expected more apps from major tv channels and some of the apps i use.
  • Just want more good games on tvOs and sling tv support already otherwise things are progressing nicely Sent from the iMore App
  • Amazon making an Apple TV app for Prime has gone dark.
  • Nothing like listening to the radio on the TV. Would like to see more TV or movie apps from third party developers.