Mac Studio And Studio DisplaySource: Apple

What you need to know

  • Apple's new Studio Display is now supported in Windows via a new Boot Camp update.
  • The webcam and speakers will function as expected, but there are caveats.
  • True Tone, spatial audio, and Center Stage won't work in Windows.

Apple has updated its Boot Camp software to add support for the new Studio Display. The update means that people who dual-boot into Windows on an Intel Mac can now rest easy that their new monitor is fully supported.

The new 27-inch Studio Display is now on sale with prices starting at $1599 and while the equally new Mac Studio is the hot new Mac in town, those with older Intel Macs might still want to use Windows. For those people, Boot Camp is a must-have piece of software and this new update means that Apple's latest monitor is now fully supported.

However, there are caveats. While the Studio Display will function as expected and the webcam, USB-C ports, and speakers will work, there are some goodies that won't. For example, spatial audio won't be supported in Windows and neither will Center Stage or True Tone. That's just the price you pay for using Windows, unfortunately.

The Studio Display went on sale this past Friday alongside the best Mac Apple has ever made — the new Mac Studio. A refreshed iPad Air and 5G-capable iPhone SE also went on sale on the same day.

Windows via Boot Camp is not supported on Apple silicon which means none of this matters to those using Apple's newer Macs.