Apple VrSource: The Information

What you need to know

  • Another report says Apple VR could get a Micro LED display.
  • ET News is the latest outlet to report a Micro LED display is on the way.
  • The report also says that it will feature Apple's M1 chip and iOS.

A sketchy new report reiterates Apple's VR headset will feature a Micro LED display, but also says it will come with the M1 chip and iOS.

From ET News:

The parts industry expects Apple to release a virtual reality (VR) headset terminal for the metaverse market as early as this year. It was understood that the performance test for VR headset production has been recently completed. Apple VR devices are equipped with micro organic light emitting diode (OLED) displays. Apple cooperated with Taiwan's TSMC with developing OLED displays for VR devices. Micro OLED displays do not require color filters since OLEDs are deposited directly on the chip wafer. Micro OLED is smaller, thinner, and more efficient.

The report goes on to say that Apple VR will also feature Apple's M1 chip from its Mac range, and will run iOS.

There hasn't been any other indication that Apple would run iOs on its headset, and we'd actually heard instead about Apple's rumored RealityOS, a standalone headset operating system with its own App Store that seems like a much more plausible solution.

Bloomberg's Mark Gurman previously stated Apple's headset would have a chip faster than the M1, or that it had at least been tested with chips that are more powerful.

Micro LED, however, has been reported on previously by numerous outlets as an expected feature including noted insider Ming-Chi Kuo. From March 2021:

In a new research note seen by iMore, Kuo notes his own previous reports into Apple's plans to launch an augmented/mixed-reality headset towards the middle of 2021. Kuo says the device could be powered by micro-OLED displays and have several optical camera modules to power the AR/VR experience.