The Apple vs. Samsung war

Apple vs. Samsung has been the biggest smartphone slobber-knocker of the last half-decade. It has resulted in massive profits for both companies, and massive amounts of litigations between them. Apple believes Samsung, once a close manufacturing parter, and Google, once a close services parter, learned from the iPhone how to make a modern smartphone and then used that knowledge to clone the Android-powered Galaxy S series. Samsung and Google contend Apple hasn't a case to stand on. So how do we condense all those years, devices, and proceedings into one cohesive telling? Luckily, Vanity Fair has made it so we don't have to:

From what they heard, one of the Samsung employees there had even swallowed documents before the investigators were allowed in. That certainly didn't bode well for Apple's case; how, the Apple lawyers said half-jokingly among themselves, could they possibly compete in a legal forum with employees who were so loyal to the company that they were willing to eat incriminating evidence?

The entire situation is insane and in many ways, and well worth a read. It'll be even more interesting to see what happens when the iPhone 6 goes up against the Galaxy S5 this fall...

Source: Vanity Fair via Daring Fireball