This is the Apple Watch Hermès cuff

Apple Watch Hermès represents Apple's first foray into direct partnership with high fashion. It melds the highest technology of California with the classic leather work of Paris. The cuff, available only in 42mm and only in fauve (brown), was inspired by the equestrian saddle stylings of old, reimagined for the modern wrist.

The Apple Watch Hermès enjoys an exclusive clock face, one styled to match the Hermès brand. It's not a static face either, but one that can be customized with one of three special typefaces, levels of detail, and complications.

The cuff itself is also removable, so it's almost like getting two bands in one—the cuff and a single tour.

The leather is of the highest quality, the stitching is impeccable, and the buckle is gorgeous. It's the best of materials and design, of technology and fashion.

It's a luxury, an extravagance even. But it's also something different. Whether or not Apple pursues additional fashion partnerships, I like that they're experimenting. It makes things interesting.

The Apple Watch Hermès cuff is available at select Apple and Hermès retail stores.

Tanner Grywinski
  • very niceeeeee! one question, it is possible to change complications on the hermes watch face?
  • Yup, you can see it briefly in the video. There's only one, though, and it's limited to day and world clock.
  • noooo! :..( hehe i love it but i cant leave my modular face watch it just tooo goood!
    ty :) and nice review
  • fail
  • You must be in high school.
  • I'm just not seeing the appeal here. Let's just say I'd take the battery iphone case by apple over this every time..
  • That's the wonderful thing about humans: We all have different tastes and it makes us delightfully unboring!
  • I hear ya. That double tour band they have, is arguably the ugliest thing I have ever seen.
  • This one looks like something a truck driver might wear in the '70s.
  • I found a real Hermès cuff today on eBay to go with my Hermès Series 3. I think Apple sold the strap separately for a while, but not currently. I drive a Volvo VNL780. Paul Newman wore a Fat Strap with the Rolex Daytona that Joanne Woodward gave him. Hermès is known for their overpriced handbags, but don't forget that handmade leather goods still means honest people sitting at workbenches all day. Hermès long history and equestrian heritage appeals to this proud working class trucker. It's pronounced Air-Mez.
  • I saw someone wearing the blue double tour, and I can tell you that it's exactly the opposite of what you're saying. In general it's pretty bad form to make blanket judgements about aesthetics since it's all personal taste.
  • I saw the red Double Tour and it was really, really nice.
  • I thought it looked nice on the female model's arm in the pictures they used online. Not feeling it on a man though.
  • Yeah, I agree with you. To me, it looks like a $5 band from Walmart. Like Rene said, we all have different tastes.
  • I would have to see it in person, but based upon pictures and this video, I have too agree. Not sensing the luxury...not feeling it on a man. AT ALL...! Sent from the iMore App
  • Great review. I actually like the Hermès edition. But please ask a native speaker next time how to pronounce the brand name. This is horrid.
    French is not that tricky.
  • "French is not that tricky." For a native English speaker, ah, yes it is. Spanish, on the other hand, would be a "not that tricky" language for us.
  • Ya ever notice that it's only the French who get publicly bent out of shape when you mispronounce their non-phonetic language incorrectly?
  • Well, I'm German. I don't know any French. I still know it's wrong.
  • I live in Montreal, but my pronunciation may have been polluted. How would you pronounce it?
  • Ugly Sent from the iMore App
  • I know someone who's going to be very disappointed if the next Apple Watch model is incompatible with all these first generation watchbands.
  • You mean like the way they keep the iPhones the same size and shape each year? ;)
  • No, I was thinking more of the significant changes we saw in the second generation iPhone and iPad. First gen Apple products tend to be quasi-prototypes with changes to the form factor quite common in their first revision. No big deal, unless you've gone crazy buying custom-fit accessories for that first model.
  • The bands are a big money maker for Apple so I doubt they will make the bands incompatible. I bet they wait a generation or two before making changes to the bands so they can start the band collecting all over again
  • I'm hoping it will be like the dock connector—a decade or so of compatibility.
  • It's only $1500, why not just buy two and set one up with the thicker leather, and the other with the traditional band? Then you don't have to worry about changing and taking the bands apart.
  • The Hermès watch (non-Apple Watch) is almost double this price, so everything is relative.
  • That's liking putting ferrari tires on a Kia and selling the car for $100,000 and defending it by saying well consider yourself lucky because an actual ferrari car would have costed you double that.
  • Should that pronounced "Her-mess" or "Er-mez"?
  • Really nice. Can't afford it, but really nice. You'd better hope the Apple Watch 2 will be backwards compatible with this band. Also, all that lint on your sleeve is distracting.
  • Apple Watch 2 and the current 3 are compatible with all bands, as you now know.
  • Wish that watch face were available without the Hermes branding. Why Apple won't let us all have an analog watch face the shape of the device remains a mystery. Instead we can choose the ultra-digital (and useful) modular, or, circular analog faces inside a square shape :-(
  • They use the corners for extra complications, which this face lacks. Though more options are usually better.
  • Regardless, a watch face the same shape as the smartwatch shouldn't be an 'option' :-(
  • Very nice!!
    I miss seeing that style of band that was so popular in the early '70s. I particularly like that Hermés watch face. Nice retro styling...
  • Curious to see if there will be more of these types of collaborations for Apple Watch 2
  • You're saying that the cuff is available in stores - did something change and you can buy it separately from the watch now? Sent from the iMore App
  • I am really REALLY hoping they keep the Hermes branded ones around for AppleWatch2, AND they come to more locations/online. I desperately want the double tour but none of the Hermes stores in the two nearest cities got it, nor is it online, and since it's not even remotely convenient to me now, I am going to wait for version 2.
  • The Pad and Quill knockoff is even better for about $100. I am dead serious!
  • $1000 for a 0.75" x 8" piece of leather along with an ounce of stainless steel molded into a buckle.