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What you need to know

  • Apple Watch Series 7 is said to benefit from a larger battery for a longer time between charges.
  • Multiple new colors are expected, although the report doesn't say which.

Apple Watch Series 7 will benefit from a larger battery that will allow it to go longer between charges, according to a new report. That same report also claims that Apple will be offering its latest watch in new colors.

In terms of battery, the upcoming watch will reportedly go longer than the current Apple Watch Series 6 without a charge — something that will be a huge benefit to anyone who doesn't have their charger with them when they go on trips, for example.

The same report also notes that Apple is going to bring a new, smaller S7 chip to proceedings that will make space available for the larger battery.

In terms of color options, the same report by UDN claims that there will be multiple new ones to choose from, but stops short of saying what they will be.

According to the supply chain, Apple's new generation of Apple Watch-Series 7 will be unveiled simultaneously with the new iPhone in September. It will be equipped with a smaller "S7" processor to free up more space and equip a battery with a larger capacity. Change part of the design and add new colors to attract buyers. The legal person is optimistic that with the launch of the new Apple Watch, Apple is expected to maintain its dominant position in wearable devices , adding momentum to the second half of the supply chain operations of Hon Hai (2317) , Compal, and ASE.

Recently, the industry has also circulated the design details of Apple Watch 7. The most eye-catching is that it is expected to adopt ASE's double-sided system-in-package (SiP) to reduce the size of the processor with this technology, and the space released will be equipped with larger capacity. Battery, or with other sensors, the new design will allow Apple Watch 7 to maintain the size of the previous generation.

Apple is said to be continuing its work to bring a non-invasive blood sugar sensor to Apple Watch as well, although that is still thought to be a while off being ready for launch.

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