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Apple Watch Series 7 is the newest smartwatch in the Apple lineup. It features the largest, most advanced display, an optimized UI with a new keyboard and watch faces, IPX durability, fast charging, new colors, and all the great features of Watch OS. It also offers 18 hours of battery life.

Coming this Fall from $399


  • Larger, more advanced display
  • New keyboard + watch faces
  • Durable (IPX certified)
  • Fast charging
  • New customization options


  • Short battery life
  • Pricey
  • iOS only

Fitbit Charge 5 is Fitbit's most advanced tracker. It offers new ECG and EDA scans, plus daily readiness scores to help optimize energy. It features built-in GPS, Active Zone Minutes, and iOS and Android compatibility. It offers up to seven days of battery life.

$180 Pre-order at Fitbit


  • ECG + EDA monitoring
  • Daily Readiness Score
  • Built-in GPS, AZM, workout intensity maps
  • iOS and Android compatibility
  • Up to 7 days of battery life


  • No media play, stream, storage
  • No built-in cellular
  • No safety tracking

It's a choice between Apple Watch Series 7 — the latest Apple Watch release and Fitbit Charge 5 — Fitbit's newest, most feature-heavy tracker to date. Choosing between these two will be tough because they're two of the best fitness trackers to hit the market and offer advanced features to keep you motivated towards health. Ultimately, the choice boils down to urgency, budget, operating system, and the features you prioritize.

Apple Watch Series 7 vs. Fitbit Charge 5: Features and specs

The Apple Watch Series 7 is set to come out later this Fall, and hosts some notable upgrades from its predecessor Apple Watch Series 6. The Fitbit Charge 5 is available now for pre-order, and offers more advanced features than the already impressive Fitbit Charge 4. Which is for you? Let's break down the specs to see what sets them apart.

Apple Watch Series 7 Fitbit Charge 5
Display type Retina LTPO OLED AMOLED
Display size 1.8-inches (41mm) 1.9-inches (45mm) 1.04-inches
Always-on Yes Yes
Internal storage 32GB No
Media play, stream, and storage Yes No
Wi-Fi Yes No
Built-in cellular Yes (optional) No
Voice command + smart assistant Siri No
Safety tracking Yes No
Phone notifications Yes Yes
Water-resistant (5ATM) Yes Yes
Swim tracking Yes Yes
Activity tracking Yes Yes
Sleep tracking Yes Yes
Heart rate monitoring Yes Yes
ECG Yes Yes
Stress monitoring Yes Yes
Sp02 Yes Yes
Sensors Accelerometer, barometer/altimeter, heart rate monitor, compass, gyroscope, ambient light, pulse oximeter, ECG, thermometer 3-axis accelerometer, pulse oximeter, thermometer, ambient light, multipurpose electrical sensors
Battery life 18 hours Up to 7 days
Fast charging Yes No
Compatibility iOS iOS and Android
Payment system Apple Pay Fitbit Pay
Companion app Apple Watch Fitbit
Customizable watch face Yes Yes
Interchangeable bands Yes Yes

You're obviously only going to get smart tech with Apple Watch Series 7. On top of all the health and fitness features we've come to know and love, Apple Watch Series 7 features a larger, more advanced display, a new keyboard, improved durability, fast charging, and new customization options. All that advanced tech comes with a hefty price tag, as it is more than twice as much as Fitbit Charge 5.

Fitbit Charge 5 hosts some new comprehensive health and fitness monitoring features like ECG, EDA scans, and Daily Readiness Scores, on top of Active Zone Minutes, workout intensity maps, and a built-in GPS, making it a killer value. If you're an Android user, Charge 5 is your obvious choice because of compatibility. Plus, it offers much longer battery life than Apple Watch Series 7. Let's break things down further.

Apple Watch Series 7 vs. Fitbit Charge 5: The best Apple Watch yet

Apple Watch Series 7 AppleSource: Apple

Apple Watch Series 7 hosts some notable upgrades from its predecessor and key differences from the Charge 5. For starters, it features Apple Watch's largest, most advanced display yet — almost a full inch larger than the Charge 5's. The Series 7 has reduced the display borders to a mere 1.7mm, and the shape of the watch has been refined. The case and display have softer, more rounded corners, creating a sleeker aesthetic. It's 70% brighter indoors and can fit 50% more text on-screen than Apple Watch Series 6.

The buttons have been redesigned and enlarged to compliment the new design of the display, and there are new ways to input text. The Series 7 features a brand new full keyboard that you can either tap or slide from letter to letter with QuickPath. There are also new watch faces designed specifically for Apple Watch Series 7 to compliment the new display.

Apple Watch Series 7 hosts an extra-large display, new keyboard, IPX certification, and fast charging.

Apple Watch Series 7 is the most durable Apple Watch yet. The watch face is made of Apple's most crack-resistant crystal, and it's the first Apple Watch to receive an IPX certification. You don't have to worry about wearing it in dusty environments. Plus, its advanced navigation and safety tracking features can pinpoint your location worldwide and alert local emergency services if you ever find yourself in a bind, making it the perfect companion for rugged adventurers.

Unlike Fitbit Charge 5, Apple Watch Series 7 offers fast charging. It has a new fast-charging USB-C cable that can take it from 0 to 80% in 45 minutes. Eight minutes of charging is enough for eight hours of sleep tracking. This helps compensate for Series 7's relatively short battery life of 18 hours.

You're also only going to be able to voice command and access Siri with Apple Watch Series 7. It's the only wearable of the two that hosts media play, stream, and storage, as well as customizable apps. Other perks of owning Series 7 include opting into the optional built-in cellular system. This ensures that you'll always stay connected. You can make calls, send texts, answer emails, or check voicemails wherever you are around the globe.

Apple Watch Series 7 vs. Fitbit Charge 5: Fitbit's most advanced tracker

Fitbit Charge 5 LifestyleSource: Fitbit

Fitbit Charge 5 is by far Fitbit's most advanced tracker. It builds on the already impressive features of its predecessor Fitbit Charge 4, with new offerings like ECG monitoring. Keep tabs on your heart health with a compatible ECG app that assesses your heart for any rhythm irregularities. It will store results so you can share them with your doctor if necessary.

It features new EDA scans. The Charge 5 allows you to use the on-wrist EDA scan app to detect electrodermal activity or tiny changes in your skin's sweat level. This indicates your body's physical response to stress. Daily stress management scores show you how exercise, mindfulness, and sleep affect your stress levels so you can track and manage stress over time.

Fitbit Charge 5 offers new EDA, ECG, and Daily Readiness Scores for more comprehensive health and fitness monitoring.

Fitbit Charge 5 delivers a Daily Readiness Score that helps optimize your body's energy. It will show you whether you're ready for a strenuous workout, need to take it easy, or must prioritize recovery. This score is based on your exercise, sleep, and heart rate variability. It does require a Fitbit Premium membership, but your Charge 5 comes with six months of Premium, so you have ample time to try it out.

Fitbit Charge 5 is outfitted with its own built-in GPS, Active Zone Minutes, and workout intensity maps. Active Zone Minutes will help you get the most out of your workouts by guiding you towards your target heart rate zones. Then, you can view your workout routes and heart rate variability in your workout intensity maps in the Fitbit app.

Apple Watch Series 7 vs. Fitbit Charge 5: Compatibility, customization, and battery

Apple Watch Series 7 Colors PressSource: Apple

When it comes to compatibility, Apple Watch Series 7 is only compatible with iOS, while Fitbit Charge 5 is compatible with both iOS and Android. This makes Fitbit Charge 5 the definite choice for Android users.

Both the Series 7 and the Charge 5 host interchangeable bands and customizable watch faces. Apple Watch Series 7 has the Charge 5 beat in options. It comes in more colors, more materials, and offers more watch face choices. New colors for the Series 7 include midnight, starlight, green, blue, and (PRODUCT) RED. The Fitbit Charge 5 comes in three colors: black, lunar white, and steel blue.

If we're talking battery life, the Charge 5 comes out way ahead. It offers up to seven days of battery depending on usage, which far outshines Apple Watch Series 7's 18 hours. Remember that if you operate either wearable in GPS, music, or Wi-Fi mode a lot, it will drain the battery much faster than basic watch mode.

Apple Watch Series 7 vs. Fitbit Charge 5: Which should you buy?

Fitbit Charge 5 LifestyleSource: Fitbit

Well, if it's a matter of urgency, the Fitbit Charge 5 is available to pre-order right now and is set to ship out in late September. Apple Watch Series 7 was announced on September 14th, 2021 with no specific launch date. Apple has vaguely stated later this Fall.

If you can afford to wait and have the budget for it, Apple Watch Series 7 can do everything Fitbit Charge 5 can do, and then some. You're going to get comprehensive health and fitness monitoring on top of smart technology, making it the more all-encompassing purchase.

If you don't need smart features and are looking for advanced health and fitness monitoring at a great value, Fitbit Charge 5 is an excellent choice. It offers exciting new features and impressive battery life. At the end of the day, both wearables will keep you on the right track to health. The choice comes down to urgency, budget, and the features you need most.

Savvy smartwatch

Apple Watch 7 Render

Apple Watch Series 7

New Apple

This savvy smartwatch features an extra-large display, a new keyboard, IPX certification, new customization options, and fast charging.

Advanced tracker

Fitbit Charge 5 Reco

Fitbit Charge 5

New Fitbit

This feature-heavy tracker offers EDA, ECG, Daily Readiness Scores, AZM, workout intensity maps, and a built-in GPS.

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