Apple opens its flagship London store in the city's historical power station

Apple Store Battersea
(Image credit: Apple)

Battersea Power Station sits on the South Bank of the river Thames, the equally well-known river that bisects London almost directly down the middle. After its closure in 1983, the historical PowerStation and its iconic chimney towers stood abandoned, left to rot in one of the busiest parts of London.

Recently, however, the PowerStation has seen new life in the form of a complete refit, becoming part retail experience and part luxury apartment building. Joining other designer brands like Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren, Apple has opened its brand new store in the development, replete with fancy new design and a full stock of brand new 15-inch MacBook Airs.

The 40th Apple Store in the UK

Apple has loads of Stores in London, let alone in the UK. In The City, there are already five other Apple Stores, including stores in Covent Garden and Regent Street. At this rate, London residents will be tripping over Apple Stores.

This new Apple Store, of course, looks unique compared to every other Apple Store. The Ceiling features a floating pillar design, while the mixed medium walls feature exposed brickwork and wooden paneling. There are displays set into the wall with Macs, iPads, and AirPods to try, while the central floor features display tables with more Apple products to try.

Apple says of its new store “Our stores are a place where the community can come together to discover all of Apple’s incredible products and services, and we’re proud to be expanding to serve even more customers with the opening of Apple Battersea." The new store sits below Apple's new UK headquarters, also situated within the new Battersea Power Station development.

Not that customers will get to see that part of the operation, however; that part is likely to be kept tightly under lock and key.

Tammy Rogers
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