Apple's ad agency has told it to pull its advertising from Twitter

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Apple could be the next major company to pull advertising from Twitter.

In an internal memo obtained by The Verge, Omnicom, one of the largest ad agencies in the world, is recommending that its clients temporarily halt advertising on the social media platform. According to the agency, the company is currently in a state of instability that will cause too much brand safety risk for its clients.

The memo, titled “Twitter - Continued Brand Safety Concerns,” tells its clients to pause advertising on the platform for the short term, but does not say exactly how long short term means. I guess that's up to Twitter and Elon Musk.

Specifically, the agency said that there is "evidence that the risk to our clients’ brand safety has risen sharply to a level most would find unacceptable. We recommend pausing activity on Twitter in the short term until the platform can prove it has reintroduced safeguards to an acceptable level and has regained control of its environment.”

Apple is one of Omnicom's clients

In addition to Pepsi and McDonald's, Apple happens to be one of Omnicom's clients, so Twitter could see Apple pull advertising from the platform for now.

The ad agency's recommendation seems to be due to Twitter's inability to guarantee the brand safety that it wants for its clients. The memo says the company “formally requested that Twitter assure us that these issues will not impact compliant processes, operations, products, brand safety, and client investment on the platform in any way.” However, since the company has lost most of the people that work on that through resignations and layoffs, "Twitter has not been able to give those assurances.”

That's only one thing that happened to Twitter today. The company also reverted its launch of Twitter Blue after the platform was plagued by impersonation accounts. It has already brought back the gray "Official" badge to remedy the issue, something that Musk had launched and then removed, saying that Twitter Blue would be the "great leveler."

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