Feel old yet? Two of Apple's most iconic products just went vintage

iPhone SE 2016
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Apple has added its first-generation iPhone SE and second-generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro to its vintage list.

For those unfamiliar, this means that if you need one of these devices repaired, it’s no longer guaranteed that your nearest Apple Store or Apple Authorized Service Provider will have the required part in stock. Adding to the vintage list usually happens five years after Apple stopped distributing them for sale.

With the first-generation iPhone SE and second-generation iPad Pro both being pulled from sale in October 2018, they recently became eligible for the vintage list. Apple has a support document that explains this in more detail — but if you’re still rocking with one of these devices, it may be time to look at an upgrade.

Pour one out for the best iPhone SE — iMore’s take

iPhone SE

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I’ve always been a fan of the original iPhone SE — from its inspired iPhone 5s design to the camera and chip taken from the iPhone 6s. It was a powerful device for its time, and I even owned one for a short while when it launched in March 2016.

It was a refreshing change from owning an iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 previously. Thanks to its smaller 4-inch screen, I only had to use my thumb with the S. With the device sharing the same chip as my previous 6s, it felt like the perfect phone to me at the time — power but in a smaller size.

However, my time with the device only lasted six months, as I was swayed by the iPhone 7 in September. I’ve always had a soft spot for the SE, and its third-generation model is still available, which packs the same chip as the iPhone 14, and a camera that’s as powerful as the iPhone 13.

So while it’s time to say goodbye to the first-generation iPhone SE, I’ll remember those few short months I had with it fondly — a device that I still regard to be one of the best iPhones ever made.

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  • camaroz1985
    I agree this was one of the best. I still have it in a drawer. Went from 6 to the SE and tried 7 and 7 Plus but went back to the SE and only finally moved on when the X came out. If there was an SE sized phone with the latest camera tech, I would jump at the chance to buy that now.