I've just bought an iPad, here are the accessories I'm getting this Cyber Monday

iPad Accessories Cyber Monday
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After much trepidation, I have finally purchased my dream device with this M1 iPad Air deal and, like any new bit of tech, my mind went to the kinds of accessories I need to buy to make it perform at its very best. With the event now live, here are the best Cyber Monday accessory deals you can get right now. 

Where to find the best Cyber Monday Apple Accessories deals

Apple Pencil (2nd generation) |$129.99$79.99 at Amazon

Apple Pencil (2nd generation) | $129.99 $79.99 at Amazon

With low latency, automatic pairing, and easy charging, the 2nd generation Apple Pencil is my go-to choice for Cyber Monday. I like what USB-C brings in the most recent update of the pencil, but it doesn’t support magnetic charging and pressure sensitivity, so it was worth picking up the older model here. 

Price Check: $89 at Best Buy | $79 at Target

Omoton Adjustable Tablet Stand |$21.99 $11.99 at Amazon

Omoton Adjustable Tablet Stand | $21.99 $11.99 at Amazon

As someone looking to draw, I anticipate being put off by the size of the iPad when I’m not curled up on the sofa. If I also want to use it on a desk, I’ll want to angle it to get the best brushstrokes when drawing. For this reason, a small stand to hold it for art will be much appreciated. This also has the bonus of allowing me to easily mirror my screen through airplay when working. 

Price Check: N/A at Best Buy | N/A at Target

Wenlaty Case |$9.59 at Amazon

Wenlaty Case | $21.99 $9.59 at Amazon

This great case is a whopping 56% off and comes ready to fit a variety of iPads. Plus the nice Rose Pink color is the perfect compliment to my iPad given the clear back still displays that brilliant Apple Logo. 

Price Check: N/A at Best Buy | N/A at Target

Xiron paper screen protector (2 pack) | $7.99$6.29 at Amazon

Xiron paper screen protector (2 pack) | $7.99 $6.29 at Amazon

One of the things I was worried about when buying a screen protector was how the feeling of drawing would translate to the plastic that most protectors are made out of. So when I spotted the Xiron paper screen protector, I had to pick it up. Though not a huge saving, 21% off the base price is still a nice bonus on something I was planning on picking up anyway. 

Price Check: N/A at Best Buy | N/A at Target

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