"Not everyone will end up buying Vision Pro, but most of us will feel its impact" — Apple Vision Pro is so good it nearly made one journalist cry

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The press have gone hands-on once more with the Apple Vision Pro and can’t believe what they’re seeing. Exclaiming how it brought them to tears or analyzing how easy the setup is, reports have come in both positive and curious for the future of the device. 

Though the Apple Vision Pro is set to launch in early 2024, there’s so much we don’t know about it yet. We do know it’s an AR headset designed to work around your own office space and life but not many nitty gritty details like the level of customization, the App storefront, and more. Recent reports haven’t illuminated too much in this regard but they do go over what it feels like and what you’ll do with it. 

Apple has been slowly letting select press see their brand-new AR device over the last few months, since its announcement in June. This seems to be an effort to build up hype for the full release next year, whilst giving small details for people to look for. We are expecting even more teases over the coming months. 

What does the press say?

Raymond Wong over at Inverse said the “Apple Vision Pro almost brought me to tears”. In his extended piece, he talked about seeing his mom in spatial video, having dim sum at a local restaurant. He shot a spatial video of the two of them beforehand and watched back in the Vision Pro, which was apparently quite an emotional experience. In the future, one could potentially do the same for a loved one who has passed away or moved overseas, being able to capture the look in their eye or the unique way they hold their hands. 

Lance Ulanoff, on behalf of our friends at TechRadar, said spatial video is ‘an immersive trip’ that he highly recommends. He rather eloquently sums up where he thinks it will lie in the market. “I still don't know if the Apple Vision Pro is for everyone, but the more I use it, and the more I learn about it, the more I'm convinced that Apple is set to trigger a seismic shift in our computing experience. Not everyone will end up buying Vision Pro, but most of us will feel its impact.”

CNET also tested it out and it was Scott Stein’s third time in the headset so far. He recalls shooting footage at his niece’s bat mitzvah and talks about the FOMO (fear of missing out) he feels by not shooting it in spatial video. If you own a Vision Pro, files will shoot in spatial video automatically on applicable iPhones but he suggests you may want to do it just in case you get one. 

All of these short tests heavily talk about their time with spatial video, potentially suggesting this is what Apple wants people to pay attention to right now and, if you plan on getting the Apple Vision Pro, it feels like almost a reason to upgrade to the iPhone 15, the best iPhone, by itself. 

We can’t wait to test it out for ourselves next year, but in the meantime, you can get ready for Vision Pro’s arrival by checking out the spatial video camera capabilities on iPhone 15, or even picking up a dedicated VR headset like the Meta Quest 3 

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