Step aside Studio Display, Dell's new 5K, 40-inch, 120Hz monitor isn't just going to look good, it'll look after your eyes as well

Dell U4025QW monitor on a desk
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The Studio Display is Apple’s best option for a spectacular monitor for your Mac, but there are some excellent alternatives if you look beyond California. Dell just announced one such monster of a display, and this one is not only big and beautiful but focused on keeping your eyesight safe when using it for long periods.

Dell claims that the CES-presented U4025QW (really rolls off the tongue there, thanks Dell) is all about ‘Enhancing Eye Health’, with loads of features on board to keep your peepers in tip-top shape. Beyond even that there are some extras to make this a top contender for some space on your desk.

Big and beautiful

The 5K resolution of the 40-inch curved monitor puts it squarely in the firing line of the Studio Display, perhaps much to Apple’s chagrin. It has DisplayHDR 600 certified for those true-to-life colors, all stuffed into an IPS panel. So far, so ‘monitor released in 2024’ — but there’s more.

Dell has partnered with TUV Rheinland, to improve the monitor when it comes to ‘eye wellness’. The monitor is, in fact, 5-star eye comfort certified, “a new industry standard for eye comfort to help reduce signs of eye fatigue”, and Dell is the first to meet the new standard. That’s thanks to three focuses with the new monitor:

  • A high refresh rate of 120Hz
  • An ambient light sensor to adjust brightness and color temperature according to environmental conditions
  • Dell’s proprietary ComfortView Plus reduces blue light with a “more advanced LED backlight”.

But what good will a monitor be if it’s no good at doing any work? The U4025QW (come one guys, please. Call it like the ‘Dell excellent for your eyes’ at least, give us something) has a 99% DCI-P3 color space, so video editors and image manipulators are going to be right at home, and the colors can be calibrated with Dell’s own color management software.

Beyond just being a monitor, it’s also got a built-in dock. Hook up your MacBook Pro with a Thunderbolt 4 cable, and you’ll find 140W of power delivery and a bunch of different connectivity options on the back. There’s support for DisplayPort 1.4, as well as HDMI 2.1.

40-inches just too much to handle? Dell is producing a 34-inch WQHD resolution (3440x1440) variant, with all the same features (save 140W power delivery) and a smaller desk-covering footprint. The U4025QW and the smaller U3425WE are both available to buy on February 27, available at $2399 and $1019 respectively.

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