The App Store is staying open over the holidays for developers

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If you're a developer looking to submit a new app or change to an existing one late in December, Apple is going to be there for you.

In a news update on the Apple Developer website, the company announced that it is keeping App Store Connect open over the holiday season this year, a move that it made the previous year in 2021.

In the post, the company said that "the busiest season on the App Store is almost here! Make sure your apps and product pages are up to date and ready in advance of the upcoming holidays. We’re pleased to remain open throughout the season again this year and look forward to accepting your submissions."

The review process might take longer than usual

While Apple is keeping App Store Connect open over the holidays, it does admit that the App Review process might take longer to review during a certain period, likely because most of the corporate staff will be off during that time and the company will be operating with limited employees.

The company confirmed that while "90% of submissions are reviewed in less than 24 may take a bit longer to complete from December 23 to 27." So, if you are submitted a new app or an update to an existing app between those dates, be prepared to wait a little longer for the team to review it.

The App Store and Apple's policies around it have once again taken the main stage in the news as a number of companies publicly complained about the company's 30% commission on sales through the store. Elon Musk publicly railed against the company, calling it a "secret tax" on users while Mark Zuckerberg said that the policies are not "sustainable or a good place to be."

The publicity has even caused some politicians in the United States to call for Congress to step in.

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