Tim Cook blind ranks his top five Apple products of all time, including one of its most controversial (sort of)

Apple CEO Tim Cook
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If someone asked you what your favorite Apple product was of all time, what would you say? Probably pretty easy – likely one of the best iPhones. How about your top five? That's a little harder. Well, that's exactly what Tim Cook just did. He ranked his top five Apple products of all time, which included one of the most controversial devices.

In an interview with MKBHD, Tim Cook spoke about Apple Intelligence which was just announced at WWDC 2024. The pair also spoke about AI as a whole, and how it can fit into hardware devices. But in one of the more light-hearted parts of the video, Marques asked Tim Cook to rank his top five Apple products from a blind list.

The full list went as follows:

  • MacBook Air
  • iPad
  • Magic Mouse
  • iPhone
  • Vision Pro

Which was Tim Cook's favorite?

Tim Cook didn't actually end up putting the products in a ranked order, despite that being the point. We can assume that comes down to CEO reasons. But he did share some interesting insights into each of the products Marques asked about.

First on the list was the MacBook Air. Cook reminisced about its grand unveiling when Steve Jobs famously pulled it out of an envelope. That dramatic moment wasn’t just a gimmick; it established the MacBook Air as a symbol of sleek, ultra-portable laptops. Next up, the iPad. Cook noted that before Apple entered the scene, tablets were already floating around, but none had made a significant impact. Apple’s aim was never to be first but to be the best, and the iPad exemplifies this philosophy.

Next came the Magic Mouse, which is one of Apple's most controversial products. Often overlooked in favour of flashier gadgets, Cook gave it a nod for its innovative design and ergonomics. But he didn't mention anything about the charging. And then, the iPhone – the device that changed everything. Cook described it as a world-changer, not just for Apple but for the entire tech landscape. From the moment Steve Jobs introduced it as a phone, an iPod, and an internet communicator in one, the iPhone set the stage for the mobile revolution.

Last, but certainly not least, Vision Pro. Cook is clearly smitten with this one, using it for everything from entertainment to multitasking. He’s excited about its potential, particularly in enterprise settings, noting that half of the Fortune 100 companies are already exploring its capabilities. While it would have been interesting to hear Cook's official ranking, it was interesting to hear his thoughts.

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  • Just_Me_D
    Hmmm, my top 5?

    1. iPhone
    2. Watch
    3. iPod (classic)
    4. MacBook
    5. Mac Mini
  • EdwinG
    I would say:
    iPod Touch
    MacBook Pro
    Apple Watch
    Apple Wireless Keyboard with numpad Why 1 and 5?
    The iPod Touch is what got me into the Apple ecosystem in 2009. If it was not for the iPod Touch, I might be running some variant of Linux today.

    Number 5
    It’s because it’s the only keyboard on the market that uses my preferred Canadian Multilingual Standard keyboard layout. Microsoft used to sell those, and had an SKU as recently as 2021, but I am yet to locate one to buy.
  • erikbock
    My first Apple product was th Apple IIe, Yes I am that old. Taught myself how to program in BASIC on the thing and that launched my very successful IT career so that has to be on my list.

    Apple IIe (It got me into my career)
    M2 Macbook Air (My current laptop)
    iPhone (Been using one since the 3GS)
    Apple TV (I have 5 of them) It works great to give me a third 55" 4K screen on my Air
    iPad (Now iPad Pro as I have had 3 pros along with the iPad 2 and 3.)e

    Honorable mention go to my first MacBook Pro which was a 17" model that got me through grad school.

    No where would that mouse be on my list. I have had one and its a train wreck.