You could soon get a payout from Apple's $95 million AppleCare lawsuit

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Members of a class action lawsuit against Apple that settled to the tune of $95 million are starting to receive notifications that they may soon get a payment from the company as part of the claim. 

It follows a settlement last year after the company was sued for using remanufactured iPhones and iPads as replacement devices that were not "equivalent to new in performance and reliability." Apple offered $95 million to stop the lawsuit from going to trial and denied any wrongdoing in the case. While this was a small portion of what was originally sought, a trial may have ended up with no settlement money at all. 

Customers were asked to exclude or include themselves from the settlement earlier this year, with anyone who bought AppleCare+ for iPhone and iPad between July 20, 2012, and September 30, 2021 eligible in the class. 


Payment pending

Macrumors reports that class members are now being sent notifications stating that they are eligible for a payment of $28.90 and that they will be sent a notification before the iPhone 14 event. 

"As Settlement Administrator for the matter, we're sending you this courtesy email to inform you that by August 30, 2022, you will receive a payment notification email that contains a link to claim your payment electronically," an email sent to one class member reads. "Once you receive that email, you will have until November 28, 2022, to claim your payment."

This means that users should get a notification in the next few days, and will have three months to claim their payment. 

Apple has vastly expanded its AppleCare offering in recent years. Notably, the company's AppleCare+ service offers two instances of accidental damage every 12 months, and the option to add theft and loss cover. AppleCare+ is also included as part of the iPhone upgrade program, allowing users to upgrade to its new best iPhone every year for a monthly fee. 

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