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What you need to know

  • Apple has released a new firmware update for its AirPods Max wireless headphones.
  • Firmware update 3E756 is the third firmware update that company has released for the headphones.

Apple has released a new firmware update for its AirPods Max wireless over-ear headphones.

As reported by MacRumors, the update, titled version 3E756, is the third firmware update that the headphones have received since they launched back in December of 2020.

Apple doesn't provide any release notes for firmware updates so it's unknown what exactly the update addresses. In addition to the usual performance improvements and bug fixes, the report speculates it may also have solidified support for Spatial Audio and Lossless Audio on Apple Music, features that launched on the service yesterday.

Apple does not provide details on what's included in new firmware updates, so we don't know what bug fixes or improvements the new firmware might offer. There may be improvements to battery life, or updated support for Spatial Audio, a feature that debuted for Apple Music yesterday.

Apple Music Spatial Audio Lossless AudioSource: Apple

There isn't a way to manually initiate a firmware update, but the update usually occurs when the AirPods Max and iPhone are near each other and charging so you can try that and see if the update installs. If you'd like to see if your AirPods Max have updated to the new version, check out our article which tells you how to check the firmware version of AirPods.

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If you want to ensure you keep your AirPods Max protected while they are updating, you'll need something better than the flimsy case that Apple included with it. Check out our list of the Best AirPods Max cases 2021.

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You can purchase a pair of AirPods Max in five different colors, space gray, silver, green, sky blue, and pink.

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