Apple's Craig Federighi confirms Apple Music lyric visualizer is coming with iOS 13.1

What you need to know

  • Apple's Craig Federighi confirms the Apple Music lyric visualizer feature is coming with iOS 13.1.
  • Apple unveiled the feature during WWDC 2019.
  • Federighi revealed Apple ran into issues with battery drain, but figured out how to make it "a less CPU intensive feature."

Apple's Craig Federighi has always been open to respond to customer emails, but it seems he's ramping up his responses. After replying to a user asking about a scheduling iMessage feature, he got back to another user inquiring about the lyric visualizer feature for Apple Music.

As has been the case with other instances, the user posted the response on Reddit. Federighi confirmed the feature will "hopefully" roll out with iOS 13.1 and expanded upon other details. One was that multiple users lobbied with Apple for a while about adding the feature.

Apple was open to the idea but ran into issues with battery drain with the visualizer running in the background. Here's what Federighi said.

At first we were worried about implementing the feature as some phones seemed to experience battery drain due to the visualizer running in the background. But we've since then figured out how to make it a less CPU intensive feature and should hopefully implement a toggle for this by the official release of iOS 13.1.

Apple originally announced the lyric visualizer feature during its WWDC 2019 keynote where it also took the wraps off iOS 13.

As we noted, Federighi dropped a "hopefully" that would clear Apple should the feature be delayed. But from judging from his response, the feature seems to be stable enough to launch with iOS 13.1.

Danny Zepeda