Apple's latest "your verse" feature takes the iPad to a new summit

Apple has long held a policy of building their advertising efforts around ideas and uses instead of specs and features, and the latest entry in their "your verse" series is no different. The last entry took us deep under the sea, and so it seems only fitting that Apple turn the spotlight to the opposite extreme: mountain climbing. Mountaineers Adrian Ballinger and Emily Harrington talked about how the addition of the iPad to their gear has changed how they scale some of the tallest peaks on Earth:

"Five years ago it was hard to even get a paper map of some of these places. Now with the iPAd it's remarkable how much we can plan ahead."

As with the "Taking exploration to new depths" feature, "Elevating the expedition" is built on a slick HTML5 template with animations and bits of interactivity, as well as oodles of gorgeous photography. Gaia GPS takes a prominent spot in the discussion, which is little surprise considering how popular the offline topographic maps app is among enthusiast and professional climbers.

So now that Apple's followed the iPad users to the depths and to the heights, we're curious — where does the iPad fit into your life?

Source: Apple

Derek Kessler

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