Apple Magic Keyboard Touch IdSource: Apple

What you need to know

  • Apple's new Magic Keyboard with Touch ID is now available in small and large format.
  • New Magic Trackpad and Magic Mouse accessories are available but are functionally the same as old ones.

Apple might have been shipping these things with the M1 iMac for a while now, but it just made the new Magic Keyboard with Touch ID available as a separate purchase. The keyboard is available with and without a numeric keypad with prices starting at $149. A standard Magic Keyboard without Touch ID is also available for $99.

There is a catch here, though. Anyone buying a new keyboard with Touch ID built in will also need to have an M1 Mac for it to work, otherwise, the keyboard will function like any other. Those with an M1 Mac will be able to use Touch ID to sign into their Mac and make purchases.

Magic Keyboard is now available with Touch ID, providing fast, easy, and secure authentication for logins and purchases.

New Mac AccessoriesSource: iMore

Alongside the three new keyboards, Apple has also released revised versions of its pointing devices. The new $79 Magic Mouse and $129 Magic Trackpad are functionally the same as the outgoing models, but with a slightly redesigned look to make them appear fresher all around.

These are the same accessories that ship with new M1 iMacs and this is the first time that they've been made available to people who don't want to have to buy a new Mac to get the new stuff.

All products are available with one-day shipping at the time of writing, and you may have luck trying to pick one of the new accessories up in-store if you happen to be passing by one.

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