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What you need to know

  • Apple released a new firmware update for the MagSafe Battery Pack yesterday.
  • Firmware version 2.7.b.0 brings with it faster charging for the accessory.

It turns out that yesterday's firmware update for the MagSafe Battery Pack had a trick up its sleeve.

According to Apple's support document, the firmware update brought faster charging to the accessory. The update, once completed, allows the battery pack to charge at 7.5W speeds, an improvement over the 5W charging speed it used to have.

Apple has also revealed that you can even force the update manually by plugging the MagSafe Battery Pack into a Mac or iPad for about five minutes.

In order to get 7.5W charging on the go, update your MagSafe Battery Pack to the latest firmware. The firmware update begins automatically after you attach your battery pack to your iPhone. The firmware update can take about one week.

To update the firmware using a Mac or iPad, plug one end of a Lightning to USB cable into the Lightning connector on your battery pack, and the other end into your Mac or iPad. The firmware update will take about 5 minutes.

The MagSafe Battery Pack currently works with both the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 lineup.

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Apple Magsafe Battery Pack White

Apple MagSafe Battery Pack

Bottom line: The MagSafe Battery Pack is great for extending the battery on your iPhone 12 to make it through the day. It has some features that put it ahead of its competition, but it's not perfect.

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