The new version of Final Cut Pro X is shown on an iMac.

At its recent Mac event, Apple kicked things off with an awesome video highlighting the company's commitment to accessibility. Even cooler, we were introduced to Sady Paulson who uses Switch Control on the Mac to produce video in Final Cut Pro.

Apple has since published a version of the video with audio descriptions, which gives those with low or no vision the opportunity to fully experience it.

Check it out below:

I posted a link to the video on Twitter and was overjoyed to hear from Allison Hartley. Allison said she was able to get so much more out of the video because of the added audio descriptions.

Pretty awesome! I hope Apple (and other companies) consider adding audio descriptions to all their videos. Everyone should have access to the products, services, and media we consume — not just those of us who don't require these accessibility features.

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Accessibility at Apple

In case you missed it, Tim Cook announced a new page on Apple's site devoted to Accessibility. If you'd like to learn more about the accessibility features built in to Apple's products and services, this page has all the info you need!

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