Apps that have been updated for iPhone X

iPhone Home screen
iPhone Home screen (Image credit: iMore)

Because of the so-called notch at the top (or right side in Landscape mode) of the iPhone X, some apps that previously used up the space at the very top (or right side) need to make some minor adjustments to fit the screen properly. Developers have had access to the API for a few months now, so a lot of them have been updated to support the hardware in iPhone X. It's impossible to note all two-plus million apps as they get updated, but we've got a list of some of the more popular apps that are ready for your iPhone X right now. Feel free to add your favorites in the comments section, too!

Add your favorites!

The list of apps that are updated for iPhone X is too long to cover in one post, but we'd love to hear what your favorite apps are when they've been updated for the iPhone X. Please add them to the comments!

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