Ace Fishing: Crew is an iPhone angling game that‘s well worth casting an eye on

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Ace Fishing: Crew

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Sedentary and glacially paced, much life golf, fishing is one of those low-intensity pursuits that somehow translates really well to the world of computer games.

From the relaxing sub games of Shenmue 3 and Red Dead Redemption 2, to all-out realistic simulations like Fishing Planet, there’s plenty of examples of rousing rod and tackle titles throughout gaming history.

We now how have a new mobile game to add to list of surprisingly fun fishing games, thanks to the release of Ace Fishing: Crew

A follow up to previous angling hit Ace Fishing: Wild Catch, which clocked up an impressive 70 million downloads across its iOS and Android versions, this latest release from Korean developers Com2uS’s has you once again deep-sea fishing in an arcade game style, but it’s a much slicker and more varied offering all round.

No accusations, just friendly crustaceans

There’s impressively overhauled underwater 3D environments of locations such as Hawaii, Minnetonka, Mariana, and the Amazon which give a good sense of depth when casting for your catch. There’s also much more lifelike reactions and movement of the fish, while the in-game controls are now refined to handily allow for intuitive one-handed gameplay. 

Instead of solely concerning itself with its core fishing action, Ace Fishing: Wild Catch adds an RPG management aspect to proceedings, with the game requiring you to put together a crack team of fishermen and fisherwomen, each with unique traits. As the game develops, having certain crew members with certain attributes becomes essential for clearing certain stages, with the building of your team adding a welcome extra layer of strategy.

Alongside the single player action, there’s real-time rankings from players all over the world to compete with, while players can earn in-game currency via Daily Rewards and Special Challenges.

While it won’t be challenging Fishing Planet for any realism awards, Ace Fishing: Crew nevertheless is a fun and rewarding mobile blast that’ll have you cheering making those prized catches, and will regularly leave you bemoaning the ones that got away.


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