Classic pirate point-and-click action to treasure with the iOS version of Return to Monkey Island

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Return to Monkey Island

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iPadOS / iOS / $9.99/£9.99

MacOS  $19.99 /£24.99

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Originally released in the thick of the DOS era on a host of platforms via LucasArts, The Secret of Monkey Island’s blend of tricky puzzle-solving and slapstick, sarcastic humor came to define the point-and-click gaming genre in the early 90s.

Four sequels followed before franchise holders Disney pulled the plug on the series, but an online campaign inspired Monkey Island creator Ron Gilbert to persuade the House of Mouse to let him bring the beloved series back after a 15 year absence.

Initially released on Nintendo Switch and PC, the long-awaited sequel Return to Monkey Island is now available on Apple devices.

Set five years after the events of The Curse of Monkey Island, the new game sees Guybrush Threepwood, now a famous pirate captain that’s happily retired enjoying the quiet life with his wife Elaine Marley. 

A new quest for Guybrush that lives up to expectations

However, their peace is brought to an abrupt end when they receive a mysterious letter from arch nemesis LeChuck, who was defeated in the previous game. The undead pirate has returned and is planning to destroy the world, leading Guybrush to once again don his pirate hat and sword and set sail on a new adventure to stop his old foe.

A largely faithful sequel to the original Monkey Island games, the game features the same trademark witty writing, running jokes, and devilishly intricate puzzles that fans of the series have come to expect.

Slightly less in keeping with the previous games is a new cartoon-style that replaces the familiar pixel art visuals of the old Monkey Island titles. It’s a decision that’s divided opinion among some fans, but nevertheless looks great to our eye.

The action also translates particularly well to i-devices, with the point-and-click action ideal for touchscreens, although there’s good support for controllers should you prefer a gamepad.

A great port of the recent PC and Switch versions, Return to Monkey Island provides far more than just fan service to gamers of a certain vintage, standing up as a decent game in its own right, and a solid gateway to previous titles in the series for those new to Guybrush’s quip-packed adventures.


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