Pokémon Go creator unveils mind-blowing Monster Hunter AR game for iPhone

Monster Hunter Now
(Image credit: Niantic/ Capcom)

Monster Hunter, an RPG that lets you hunt dinosaur-esque monsters and dragons in fantasy settings is coming to the iPhone in one of the coolest ways possible – an AR game. The company behind the hit Pokémon Go, Niantic, is working with publisher Capcom to make an entry to the series that will see you fight massive monsters all over the real world. 

Team up with friends to fight ever bigger monsters, and take your hunter with you wherever you go to fight different monsters depending on where you are. All from your iPhone 14 in a title shaping up to be one of the best iPhone games we've ever seen. 

Fighting Rathalos in your back garden

In the press release from Niantic, some details have emerged about the AR game. You'll travel around with your Palico, an adorable little feline friend who has traditionally helped you on your adventures. You'll "encounter monsters in the real world,", with a "here and right now hunting experience."

The game seems to be going for a more casual experience than the traditional RPG, which often demanded hours and hours of gameplay to encounter the really big stuff. Instead, this entry into the series is all about getting out into the real world and "enjoying hunting!"

You can link up with friends to fight the monsters too, although how you'll fight them remains to be seen. The traditional series sees you in a third-person action game, fighting monsters with an over-the-shoulder camera. This version, in the video at least, seems to have something similar, although it will likely have been simplified down to make it easier to play on mobile when you're out and about.

There is no news as to whether the customization of the Monster Hunter games will carry over either, but hopefully, we'll see loads of armor and weapons options. The monsters you'll fight haven't been mentioned yet either, although there are some in the trailer – most notable, the massive wyvern like Rathalos, a series staple.

You can sign up for the closed Beta, and if you wait for the full release, you'll be fighting monsters with your friends on your best iPhone from September 2023, maybe even the iPhone 15.

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