Sofa is a list-making app for escaping endless Netflix scrolling

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The App Store isn’t short of work-related time management apps and organisers, but what about the most important time of the week – your spare time?

Sofa is here to make sure you make the most of those rare opportunities for fun. The app helps organize your downtime, letting you curate and organize lists of movies, TV, music, books, podcasts, apps and video games that you fancy checking out when time allows.

The app centres around “The Pile,” which acts as a kind of holding place for quickly jotting down and saving the names of tunes, movies and whatever else that has piqued your interest. 

Never lose a podcast tip-off from a pal

You can leave the items there to keep them in front of mind, or organize later into groups, such as a handy lists of podcast you’ve been tipped off about, or perhaps a catalogue of things you’ve recently watched and listened to for later reference.

The tidy UI draws in rich artwork of the media in your lists, alongside neat widgets, with the app integrating with services like Apple Music and the App Store to pull in synopses and covers, as well as offering access to content direct from the app.

While Sofa’s core functionality is free, including handy iCloud support to sync data between devices, upgrading to the subscription tier adds further features including sticky notes to add more context to your lists, advanced filters and The Shelf - a way to prioritize content across different lists.

Recent additions to the app include automatic backups to iCloud Drive, plus a host of new themes, while search results are now tailored to your country such as availability of shows on streaming services in your region.

More organized and inefficient than simply typing your friends' film recommendations into Notes, Sofa may be the perfect solution for escaping those endless Netflix scrolling sessions on a Sunday night.


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