Twitter down again, for the second time in two weeks

Twitter Down
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Not a fortnight after its previous issues, Twitter has collapsed in on itself again. Users aren't able to see newly uploaded images on the platform, and embedded tweets aren't working correctly. External links to tweets also aren't working, instead taking users to a page that reads:

{"errors":[{"message":"Your current API plan does not include access to this endpoint, please see for more information","code":467}]}

What this means is anyone's best guess, although it might have something to do with all the staff that have been laid off, or perhaps Elon has been pulling out cables. Either way, Twitter is once again a mess.

UPDATE: Twitter is back! Images can once again be published, and external links are working.

Twitter down again

Twitter does seem to be aware of the issue, as it issued a tweet that reads:

Twitter Support Tweet

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So as soon as the issue is fixed, Twitter will let us know. This outage and a new spate of issues come after the emptying of users timelines last week, which saw many users with completely empty timelines within their apps, and online.

Perhaps this could be something to do with Twitter no longer supporting third-party apps, which has left some developers high and dry with no income as their apps have been pulled from the App Store, leaving them to pay out refunds to customers. It's another notch in the ever-growing list of Twitter weirdness, perhaps proving that laying off large amounts of your workforce isn't the best idea in the world. For an already very difficult 2023 for Twitter, this isn't really what the ailing social network needs.

Is the end looming for Twitter? Perhaps not, as other Social networks continue to shuffle on, long after their deaths. The likes of MySpace and Tumblr still exist with die-hard user bases. But perhaps they show what Twitter could become – online ghost towns where only the most dedicated continue to exist and converse. Either way, no pictures or external links for you today.

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