Art of Autism: Created on iPad Part II is now showing

Frank Louis Allen Song Of Susannah
Frank Louis Allen Song Of Susannah (Image credit: Art of Autism)

What you need to know

  • Apple is collaborating with the Art of Autism.
  • "Created on iPad" runs through all of April.
  • April is National Autism Acceptance Month.

Last week, the Art of Autism launched a special gallery showing as part of National Autism Acceptance Month. The product, titled "Created on iPad," spotlights artists on the spectrum with varying abilities and different age groups. The first round of art launched on World Autism Acceptance Day, April 2. Today, the second gallery is available for you to peruse at your convenience. No admission fee required!

This week's five artists have never used an iPad for art. Most of them have traditionally worked with physical mediums and were completely new to digital art. Having never used an Apple Pencil on an iPad before, these artists worked with autistic mentors at one-on-one sessions at Apple to create the unique and extraordinary art you can view in the gallery today.

One artist that stands out particularly for me is D.J. Svoboda, whose art style is brightly colored and almost puzzle-like. D.J.'s bio summary notes that he created a land called "Imagiville" and filled it with "Imagifriends" that all share a positive and uplifting message of love and acceptance. The bold lines and primary colors really pop.

At the opposite end of the color wheel is Rebecca Caruso. The entries Rebecca has provided for this gallery are of dark and muted tones with a strong emphasis on eyes. I especially like the piece entitled, "Window" because of it's geometric lines that draw your focus.

"I spend a lot of time in bed or on the couch and it has been transformative to be able to access so many materials digitally," said Rebecca of working with an iPad and Apple Pencil. "I miss getting my hands dirty but I'm amazed at how I push myself differently, in new directions, using my iPad."

Be sure to stop by the Art of Autism's Created on iPad gallery today to see some inspirational new entries.

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