Beastie Boys Story Poster ArtworkSource: Apple TV+

What you need to know

  • Artist Geoff McFetridge created five posters to tell the story of Beastie Boys.
  • All five were created using an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.
  • This video explains the thinking behind each poster and how the tools made them possible.

Apple TV+ is host to a Spike Jonze live documentary all about Beastie Boys and part of the promotion for that included the creation of five pretty awesome posters. Artist Geoff McFetridge, who worked with the group, was tasked with creating them and, of course, he used an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil to do it.

In a video posted to the Apple TV YouTube channel, we're shown all five posters while McFetridge explains his thought process surrounding their creation. It's a fascinating look into the mind of an artist and it drives home the point that these things are more than just great posters to look at – they all tell a story, too.

Today marks 22 years since Hello Nasty dropped and Beastie Boys went intergalactic. This era of the band was one of five captured in this poster series by Geoff McFetridge, made entirely on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. Learn about his connection with Ad-Rock, Mike D, MCA, and Spike Jonze – and what Beastie Boys mean to him, visual art, and music culture.

Beastie Boys fans can take in the Bestie Boys Story live documentary on Apple TV+ right now.

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