Astronaut performs first-ever live-streamed DJ set from space using just an iPad

What you need to know

  • Astronaut Luca Parmitano held the first-ever live-streamed DJ set from space.
  • He used nothing but an iPad and a DJ app to deliver the musical set to a group of partygoers on a cruise ship.
  • The whole set proved to be a success.

Luca Parmitano may call being an astronaut his full-time job, but he's also a part-time DJ and he just accomplished a major musical feat. Using his full-time job, he became the first person ever to perform a DJ set live-streamed from space using nothing but an iPad.

First spotted by Digital DJ Tips, the whole feat was captured on video and posted on YouTube. Parmitano is currently on the International Space Station on behalf of the European Space Agency. Since he is a part-time DJ, a plan was created with BigCityBeats to have him perform a live DJ set and live-stream it to Earth. All he ended up using was his trusty iPad and the Algoriddm DJ app.

Most DJs opt for a full laptop to handle their sets, but seeing as that would have been a bit more complicated in space, Parmitano opted for the iPad as it wasn't bulky or cumbersome. This made it easier to handle the turntables.

As a minor hack, he put velcro on the back of the iPad to attach to his pants in case he needed to put it down. Talk about space problems.

The performance was live-streamed to a cruise ship where partygoers danced to Parmitano's beats. There were some minor latency issues, but the first of its kind performance proved to be a success.

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Danny Zepeda