The Beatles Box Set on iTunes [gallery]

While reaction to the way in which Apple announced the Beatles coming to iTunes has been mixed to negative, the Beatles music on iTunes has been nothing short of best-selling. You can get singles for $1.29, albums for $12.99, or all 13 albums in the Box Set for $150.

I got my hands (and ears) on the box set so

Complete Beatles on iTunes links and gallery, including screenshots of all tracks, iTunes LPs, videos, and some sample artwork below. If you've listened to any of it, especially if you're a longtime Beatles fan, let me know what you think of this edition.

In addition to the Box Set [iTunes link (opens in new tab)], available albums include:

Not included in the Box Set but also available:

  • The Beatles 1962–1966 (The Red Album) [iTunes link (opens in new tab)]
  • The Beatles 1967–1970 (The Blue Album) [iTunes link (opens in new tab)]

As with all iTunes music sold post-Macworld 2009, The Beatles songs are in iTunes Plus format, meaning higher, 256 kbps AAC format and no DRM (though they are likely watermarked with the purchasing iTunes ID account).

All of the albums come in iTunes LP format which means you can go into a rich, HTML 5 interface to listen to the songs, browse through pictures, and watch mini documentaries. While that currently looks great on iTunes on Windows or Mac, the continued lack of support on iOS -- iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, and Apple TV is disheartening. I imagine Steve Jobs invented this technology so he could lean back against the foot of his bed, iPad in hand, iTunes LP on screen, and swipe through the Beatles artwork while losing the afternoon to their music. We all want it. Let's make it happen.

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  • $1.29 per song? Lame.
  • 1.29 a song is lame? It's art -- still far less than a latte at most coffee places.
  • I agree. Its far better then buying a cup of coffee at starbucks. Plus you have some good music here. If it wernt for the beetles, you wouldn't have your punk or crazy rock music today.
    Remember that kids.
  • Aren't MOST songs in the iTunes store $1.29? What's lame? Are you supposed to get a discount?
  • The box set is an excellent price. I have bought Bear Family collections for way more. Most decent box sets are 200, or more. I do think $1.29 is high.
  • Reaction to the way in which Apple announced the Beatles coming to iTunes was mixed to negative only to the Apple-obsessed here (myself included). We are a tiny, tiny niche. Obviously, Apple has done something right here.
  • I got so tired of seeing them on apples front page, I changed my default start page in safari
  • My music is cheaper......and better!
    One Love!
  • I have the Red and Blue compilation CDs ripped into iTunes. That's all I'll ever need — just the good songs.
  • Who cares.
  • I've ripped the ones that I want from CD. Have they really been best selling? I haven't seen the numbers, but I haven't cared to look.
  • Been too busy listening to my Run-DMC cassettes to care about The Beatles.
  • I aquired this exact collection for free on the internet 5 years ago
  • Musical groups will come and go but very very few will have had the influence and legacy that the Beatles have had now and in the future and Run-DMC will not be one of them, that you can be sure of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • @Rufus:
    This topic is about music, not no-talent, yapping, retard rappers. :roll:
  • @Joe
    Should I take it from your emphatic statement that you are proud of pirating the music you have?
  • Really?
  • All the individual albums are the remastered versions from 2009, as included in the box set, right?
  • Don't complain about your US prices: A single song costs 1.29$ and the box set 150$. Here in Switzerland, a single song costs 2.20 CHF and the box set 250 CHF, even though at the moment 1 USD = 1 CHF. Now THAT is lame..
  • DUMB!
    Just what we needed, our grandpa's and grandma's asking us youngin's to take them to the iTunes store! LOL