Beats 1 is now taking requests, here's how to submit yours

We're well into the launch of Apple Music, and Apple's own radio station — Beats 1 — is about to let you take control of the show. Listeners can now submit song requests, with a special request show even set to start later this evening.

If you head on over to the link in the tweet (also below), you'll find a phone number you can call to make requests right now. Because Beats 1 is a worldwide radio station, there are a variety of numbers listed for different countries, so you should be covered no matter where you're listening from.

As for the request show, it's set to kick off at 5 PM PT/8 PM ET with host Travis Mills, so be sure to check that out.

Make your Beats 1 request{.cta .large}

Source: Beats 1 (Twitter)

Dan Thorp-Lancaster