Being featured in an Apple ad is similar to winning a Grammy award says producer Latroit

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What you need to know

  • DJ-producer Latroit sat down for an interview in which he talked about what it was like to have his song "Nice" being featured in an Apple ad.
  • The process was slow and didn't offer much in details, but once the ad hit, it was a huge life event.
  • He compared it to winning an Grammy award, which he did last year.

When you are a struggling artist, getting a big break can be hard to come by. But it can come with a hit song, a major collaboration or being featured on Apple's latest ads. That's what happened to the producer Latroit when his song was featured in Apple's newest ad.

In a recent interview with Variety, Latroit talked about what it was like being featured by Apple in a nationwide ad campaign. You may or may not be familiar with Latriot, but he isn't new to the block. The DJ-producer has been around for a while and reached some impressive milestones, including winning Grammy last year for his work on Depeche Mode's "Your Move (Latroit Remix)."

Yet after reaching that career height, he was still taken about by the response when his song "Nice" was featured in Apple's Nap ad video for Face ID.

The ad went live in July, but back in May, he was alerted that the song was on Apple's radar and it wanted to license it. Naturally, Latroit had a million questions for Apple but it didn't answer a single one. He thought nothing much of the interaction until one day in July, while he was recording a session in Barcelona, Spain, the ad went live and his received a huge wave of responses by his friends and family members.

He compared it to winning a Grammy award:

"I was screaming in this apartment I was renting, just running around. That was the triumph. I haven't been congratulated for something this much since I won that Grammy last year. It felt like I had won a major award, and it's interesting that it comes across that way to anybody who hears about this achievement. It is a life event."

If you have a catchy song picked up by Apple out of the blue, that's the type of response and career boost you can expect. It is a life event. Latriot is now ready to pivot the exposure he got from the Apple ad into new career opportunities.

Coincidentally, Apple has a special Apple Music playlist of all the songs in its ads and the first one on the list is Latroit's "Nice."

Danny Zepeda