Best 40-inch and 43-inch TVs in 2022

Samsung Q60R series TV
Samsung Q60R series TV (Image credit: Samsung)

Some folks might need a TV that straddles the line between a big screen and a smaller screen. The newest TV features usually only show up in bigger TVs, but plenty of smart TVs, including HDR, have been showing up at this size. So if you need something in that sweet sub-45-inch pocket, check out these 40 and 43-inch options.

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For smaller living rooms, apartments, dorm rooms, and even larger bedrooms, the 40- to 43-inch form factor for TVs is perfect. 4K and HDR have made it down to many of these TVs allowing for a razor-sharp picture with a ton of contrast. The Samsung's Q60R has one of the best balances of new features available. Samsung not only packs in a great panel but also FreeSync variable refresh rate tech to keep gaming performance smooth on systems like the Xbox One S or a gaming PC.

TVs have become more of a complete package and smart TV features are standard to most models making it easier than ever to stream and download new apps with a Wi-Fi connection. AirPlay 2 or Chromecast built-in enables you to stream almost anything from your phone or computer. All without a single extra wire.

Even if you don't want to spend much on a TV, you can still get a solid picture with streaming features on a budget. TCL's 5-Series is a great budget pick for streaming and ease of use thanks to Roku's simple software and remote. Wireless audio streaming to Roku's app is also a great inclusion.

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