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Should you wish to take advantage of all the new technologies and features supported in the new Apple TV 4K, you'll need one of these TVs.

Apple announced the fifth generation of Apple TV alongside the new iPhone X and iPhone 8, which introduces some great new features for those who love the big screen. The new companion device will offer support for not only 4K content but also High Dynamic Range (HDR) and even Dolby Vision. The latter can be a bit difficult to track down when it comes to television sets as only a few manufacturers support the technology in their ranges.

What Dolby Vision offers is enhanced visual experiences thanks to a more colorful and brighter picture. We'll run through a few TVs that support 4K, HDR and Dolby Vision so you can get the most out of the new Apple TV.

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The company's C7 series of televisions (the 55-inch kicks things off at around $1,878.67) are an excellent purchase for the home. Not only does this screen offer support for all the technologies that make the new Apple TV 4K worth upgrading to, but it also comes with a few extras like the inclusion of webOS. Should you not have an Apple TV yet, the TV is smart enough to offer apps and other features without needing to plug any extra devices into the rear.

We're also talking OLED technology here for the display, which offers incredible contrast and picture quality when used in conjunction with 4K content. And because it's OLED, this panel is ridiculously thin. Standing to the side of the LG C7 will make it difficult to know the TV is there. For inputs, the company opted for a total of four HDMI, three USB, Ethernet, optical, and composite connectors. As well as the Apple TV, you'll be able to hook up consoles, computers, and more.

It's not affordable by any means, but the C7 by LG is a stunning display overall.

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Vizio M

The VIZIO M (just $579.99 for the 50inch panel) series is a slight step down from the company's P series of screens, but you'll still be able to enjoy HDR10 and Dolby Vision technologies, as well as the included Smart Cast system all at a decent enough price.

This M50, in particular, offers a total of four HDMI ports and a single USB connection. There's even Chromecast built right into the set! Again, it'll be possible to attach more than a few devices to this TV. Should you be looking to save a few pennies but wish to slap out on a new 4K TV, you will struggle to find better for the price.

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TCL P607

TCL P607

TCL, behind BlackBerry and other big name tech brands, has a seriously good range of TVs on offer as well. The P607 ($649.99) has Roku onboard and supports all the features you need in order to enjoy the new Apple TV 4K to the max. The 120Hz refresh rate is billed as super-fast when it comes to enjoying content, and gamers worldwide on PC would agree. What this means for movies and TV is less visual issues and almost no motion blur.

Three HDMI 2.0 ports are joined by a single USB connector, composite, optical, and Ethernet. That's all more than enough to get started. As for the picture quality, with support for Dolby Vision, you'll be able to enjoy some stunning HDR content on a panel that costs less than $700. You can even use your smartphone as a remote when not viewing stuff through Apple's platform. A pretty nifty feature indeed.

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LG UJ7700

LG UJ7700

LG makes our list a second time with the UJ7700 (the 65-inch we're fans of goes for around $1,104.00). Just like the C7, this TV comes with webOS that adds in a number of extra features to make the TV more smart. That aside, when it comes to the new Apple TV, full HDR support is present, alongside 4K and Dolby Vision. Since this isn't OLED and is a more affordable LG TV, it's not quite as thin as the C7 series.

Still, it's a great-looking screen with some stellar visuals. For connectivity, we have four HDMI and two USB ports. Overall, it's not the best in terms of LG quality that is present in even more expesnive sets, but looking at a few negatives like local dimming being somewhat poor as well as picture quality (mainly blacks not being deep enough) at points it's a great TV.

Thoughts? Questions?

What do you make of our round-up? If you have any questions, concerns or a TV that should be listed here, let us know in the comments.