Best 8K TVs iMore 2022

8K Ultra High Definition TVs are finally here, and they are glorious! As the name suggests, these TVs offer a massive step up in resolution from 4K, coming in at 7,680 x 4,320, across millions of pixels. So if you are in the market for a new TV, then why settle for 4K when you can pick up a future proof 8K TV? Here are some of our current faves that you can buy today.

Samsung Q800t 8k Tv 2020

Best for most: Samsung 65-inch Class Q800T 8K QLED TV

Staff Favorite

The Samsung Q800T features stunning 8K ultra-high definition resolution, Quantum HDR16X for deeper blacks, and a wide viewing angle that keeps things clear for everyone in the room. This TV also sports unique Object Sound Tracking+ technology that produces a "3D" sound that follows all of the action on the big screen.

Lg 75sm9970pua Nanocell 9 TV

Sharp and smart: LG 75-inch Class 75SM9970PUA Nano 9 Series

This 8K TV from LG is the company's best LED panel, boasting impressive colors across a wide color gamut and full-array LED local dimming. 8K isn't the only star in LG's 75-inch show, though, thanks to an impressive amount of smart home integration, which includes Apple's HomeKit, Alexa, and the Google Assistant.

Sony Xbr85z9g Z9g Master Series 8k TV

Master class: Sony 85-inch Class XBR85Z9G MASTER Series

Sony's XBR85Z9G MASTER Series TV utilizes a suite of tech like an on-board processor that analyzes content and automatically adjusts brightness levels, color, and details for the best image possible. Additional features include a Netflix Calibrated Mode, which was developed with the streaming experts to provide imagery that is true to the "master" source material.

Samsung Q900 Qled 8k TV

Beauty on a budget: Samsung 55-inch Class Q900 8K QLED TV

The Q900 from Samsung brings glorious 8K to all with the lowest price seen as of yet for the latest and greatest visuals. Don't let its low price fool you, though; this TV has all the bells and whistles such HDR24X and an Adaptive Picture mode that can automatically adjust brightness levels based on the light levels in your room.

Samsung Q900ts Qled 8k TV

To the edge: Samsung Q900TS 65-inch Class 8K QLED TV

Sure 8K visuals are incredible on their own right, but the Samsung Q900TS takes things even further with its Infinity Screen design. This TV slims down the bezels surrounding the screen so that they are almost completely invisible, keeping you focused on the action on screen.

Beyond 4K

Just like with the rollout of 4K TVs, the first 8K capable sets command quite a premium price for the ability to display ultra-high definition resolution video. As the technology matures and becomes more readily available, prices will come down to more affordable levels, which we are starting to see. 8K content is also a little hard to come by at the moment, but if you are in the market for a future proof TV, then 8K is the way to go.

The Samsung Q800T 65-inch Class 8K TV offers a fantastic combination of ultra-high definition visuals, dynamic sound, and an affordable price. This TV can upscale your content to 8K quality and has tons of extras like Adaptive Picture that adjusts the picture based on lighting conditions.

If you need a larger TV and want deeper integration with the smart home world, then check out the LG 75-inch Class 75SM9970PUA Nano 9 Series. This beautiful NanoCell TV connects with Amazon's Alexa, the Google Assistant, and Apple's HomeKit for voice controls and music streaming.

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