Maybe you love Apple TV * cough cough RENE cough cough *, or maybe you're looking to stream on something a bit different. Maybe you're looking for more options, a different browsing experience, or are wanting to spend less than $199.

Regardless of your reasons for striving for streaming superiority, we put together a few of the most popular alternatives to the Apple TV so you can really explore all of the best options out there. Check 'em out!

Amazon Fire TV

Burn, baby, burn. That's what it feels like with Amazon Fire TV!

Supporting 4K ultra HD so you can effortlessly watch 1080p streams on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, and so much more, Amazon Fire TV lets you use over 7,000 different apps, games, and Alexa skills. For example, you can access over 300,000 movies and episodes of your favorite shows. Pretty insane, right?

You can pick up Amazon Fire TV for around $89.99, and with 75% more processing power, better Wi-Fi- support, 2GB of memory, a dedicated graphics engine, and so much more, there's nothing your Amazon Fire TV can't do (except perform open heart surgery. Pretty sure it can't do that).

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Roku Ultra Streaming Media Player

If you're looking for gorgeous 4k streaming and HDR picture quality that promises brighter whites, vibrant colors, and deeper blacks, along with endless choices in content, then you have to check out the Roku Ultra Streaming Media Player.

Stream blockbusters, broadcast TV, big entertainment brands, and niche channels. Movies, TV shows, live sports, news and music.

Roku works in tandem with Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu, Sling TV, VUDU, PBS KIDS, and over 350,000 movies and TV shows from across 3,500+ paid or free streaming channels.

All you need to do is install the Roku box, grab your remote control, and start streaming. Oh, and if you lose your remote, just press the button on your Roku Ultra and your remote will start to make noise so you can find it and start watching TV again!

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Google Chromecast Ultra

With Google Chromecast Ultra, you open up almost endless 4k possibilities through over 200,000 TV shows and movies, and over 30 million songs, including radio, podcasts, games, sports, and so, SO much more!

The cool thing about Chromecast is that even if your wifi network isn't ready for the intense demand 4k requires, your Chromecast will come with a built-in ethernet adaptor, " so that you can enjoy rock solid streaming over a wired connection."

From the convenient Google Home app, you can easily explore and browse through featured content, new releases, blockbuster hits, and so much more, and when you're not streaming, you can customize your TV screen with Google Photos, Facebook, Flickr, famous art, photography, and more!

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Roku Streaming Stick

If you're looking to spend less than $50 on a quality streaming service that can literally fit in your back pocket, then we recommend taking a peek at the Roku Streaming Stick for around $39.99.

Built with a powerful quad-core processor and able to stream thousands of channels and movie options with the free Roku app, this portable little stick can be used with hotel and dorm connections, your laptop, tablets, and so much more: it just depends on where you want to stream!

You can even use the Roku Stick to voice search your favorite titles, so even if you lose the remote, you still have complete control over what you're watching.

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How do you stream?

Are you using something other than Apple TV? Let me know your favorite ways to stream in the comments below!

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