Best alternatives to Apple TV 2024

Apple TV
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Whether you don't love the Apple TV's design, its user interface, its content options, or you simply don't want to spend $150 and up on an Apple TV, there are plenty of alternative devices you could look at. Regardless of your reasons for striving for streaming superiority, we put together a few of the most popular alternatives to the Apple TV so you can really explore all of the best options out there. Check 'em out!

Plenty of choice

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Though the Apple TV 4K is likely the best streaming device for most Apple users, there are many reasons to consider the various Apple TV alternatives out there. For starters, the Apple TV is not the cheapest option and some of its top-end features may be overkill for some users. Plus, it runs tvOS, which might not be to everyone's tastes.

If you don't need everything Apple TV offers or don't want to pay a premium price, the streaming device for you might not be an Apple TV at all since many alternatives available offer a lot of the best Apple TV features. Our top pick, the Amazon Fire TV 4K Max, offers 4K UHD streams, speedy Wi-Fi 6 connectivity (like the $200 Apple TV 4K), and easy access to all the popular streaming apps for around 25% of the price.

If none of the streaming hardware on this list takes your fancy, it may be worth considering a TV upgrade since many modern smart TV sets include their own app stores, including the Apple TV app. The LG 80 Series is one such option that supports the Apple TV app, HomeKit, and AirPlay 2 so you get many of the benefits of an Apple TV without buying and hooking up a separate streaming box at all.

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