Best amiibo for Bayonetta 2 on Nintendo Switch

Amiibo on Nintendo Switch
Amiibo on Nintendo Switch (Image credit: iMore)

The Bayonetta series is unlike any other game you've ever played in most respects, but the ability use use amiibo to unlock things in the Nintendo Switch version of the game is not one of them. Whether you're looking for some extra loot or you heard there's a fun set of scrolls you can check out, you're going to want these amiibo in your collection to get the most out of Bayonetta 2.

Editor's Note — Some of the amiibo you see in this list are no longer in circulation, and will be both more difficult to track down and more expensive than the standard retail pricing for one of these amiibo figures.

Costume unlocks

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The fastest way to get access to a bunch of the the Couture Bullet costumes in Bayonetta 2, which gives you quite the advantage in early parts of the game, is to use a Bayonetta amiibo. There are two different Bayonetta amiibo, once for her classic look in the original game and one for her shorter hair appearance in the new game, and they do not do exactly the same things.

Bayonetta Player 1

Bayonetta Player 1 See on Amazon

This version of the amiibo unlocks the Super Mirror 2 class of Couture Bullet, which includes:

  • Police Woman
  • Metal Witch
  • School Girl
  • Dress

This amiibo also unlocks the New Style variants for these costumes.

Bayonetta Player 2

Bayonetta Player 2 See on Amazon $10 at Walmart

This version of the amiibo unlocks the Super Mirror 64 and Super Mirror 64 2 class of Couture Bullet costumes, which includes

  • Classic Hairstyle Mushroom Kingdom Princess
  • Classic Hairstyle Hero of Hyrule
  • Classic Hairstyle Galactic Bounty Hunter
  • Nun
  • Classic Hairstyle

Other amiibo

If you'd rather not shell out the 100,000 halos for the absurd and frankly horrifying Nintendo-themed costumes available for Bayonetta to wear, you can tap the related amiibo and unlock them instantly. Each of these costumes comes with a special ability that connects to the costume in some way, like special blaster attacks or big glowing swords. These special attacks aren't any greater or worse than the normal specials Bayonetta wields, but they're a lot of fun to look at and themed in just the right way.

Here are the amiibo that unlock Nintendo costumes:

You can use any variant of the amiibo listed here, for example Zero Suit Samus works just as well as Super Smash Bros Samus, but you're not going to unlock a Zero Suit variant of the costume if you use it instead of the original. Same goes for the Wedding variant of the Peach amiibo, it will still unlock the normal Peach costume for Bayonetta.

Item Unlocks

Most amiibo you scan in Bayonetta 2 will reveal a piece of parchment with something fun written on it about that character, as well as some random item to help Bayonetta out on her journey. These random item drops are mostly various magic lollipops, herbs, or food. You will occasionally get a random amount of Halos dropped as well, which can add up quickly if you have enough amiibo. These item drop amiibo are good once per day, so the more amiibo you have the better if you're ever running low on items.

A handful of special amiibo will also unlock the special Chain Chomp. This version of the classic bitey menace is chained to Bayonetta's ankle, and helps her out in combat situations whenever possible. To unlock Chain Chomp for Bayonetta 2, use the following amiibo:

Are you well stocked to cause some extra mayhem in Bayonetta 2, or do you need to add some to your collection? Sound off in the comments!

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