Best Mounts for your Apple TV

If you're sick of your Apple TV hanging from its cords or collecting dust on your TV stand, hide it or display it properly with one of these great Apple TV mounts. Because not everyone may have upgraded to the new Apple TV 4 (2015), we've also included mounts for Apple TV 3 (2012) and Apple TV 2 (2010).

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Updated May 2018: We've added the iDLEHANDS Apple TV 4 Mount to your list!

What do you use?

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Have you mounted your Apple TV? If so, what did you use? Did we miss any of your favorites? Let us know!

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  • I use both total mount atv3 and atv4
    Even with the 3 just point the ir Apple remote at ceiling above tv and it will accept the button commands with no problems Sent from the iMore App
  • I would like to see actual numbers and testing on all of these to back up the claim that putting it behind your TV won't actually reduce it's capabilities. I can see how Bluetooth would probably still work and that since the signals sent over it are simple and few that there would be no problems with control, but I doubt whether the Wi-Fi connection will work as well when it's hidden behind a giant metallic television. Apple TV 4 has enough problems streaming content as it is, reducing the Wi-Fi signal seems like a terrifically bad idea.
  • I have an Apple TV 4 behind my TV, I actually used velcro to secure it and keep it out of the way. Never had a problem with WiFi. Of course it depends on the Router you own as to how well it works but haven't seen any performance degradation compared to having it sitting beside the TV.
  • Why use a mount at all? I use two strips of Velcro. Much more cost effective.
  • I did the same. I shopped around for various brackets but in the end used adhesive Velcro to attach both an Apple TV and an Airport Express to the back of my TV. I also stuck a power strip back there so there is only one cable visibly coming out from behind the TV.
  • I use TotalMount too. It also has a remote dock so I can recharge the remote.
  • i just sit my media streamer on the table.