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Best Battery Backup for Nintendo Switch iMore 2022

One of the best Nintendo Switch features is portability! However, when you don't keep it plugged into an outlet, your battery can drain surprisingly fast. That low battery notification can be scary, especially when you might lose progress on your game if the system powers down. Save yourself the stress and extend your playtime by picking up a Nintendo Switch battery pack, so you're not cut off early from playing the best Nintendo Switch games. Our favorite is the Anker PowerCore 20100 Nintendo Switch Edition since it's specifically made to charge your Switch fast.

Best overall: Anker PowerCore 20100 Nintendo Switch Edition

Anker Powercore 20100 Nintendo Switch BackpackSource: Anker

Nintendo officially licenses this PowerCore battery pack from Anker, so you know it will work properly with your Switch. It packs in 20100mAh of power and has Power Delivery, which will let you recharge it in just three hours when plugged into the wall and will also charge the Switch at full speed even when you're playing a game.

You'll get up to 15 extra hours of game time from one charge, and there's an extra USB port so you can also power a cellphone or other device. Considering how powerful the battery is, it's pretty sleek. Its biggest downfall is that it's pretty expensive, which is often a given with official licensing.


  • High-speed charging
  • Designed specifically for Switch
  • Compact
  • Can power a second device


  • Overpriced

Best overall

Best Battery Backup for Your Nintendo Switch Anker PowerCore Nintend Switch Edition

Anker PowerCore 20100 for Nintendo Switch

Portable power in the palm of your hand

This convenient power bank is specifically designed to work with your Switch. You get 2.5 charges and can charge while you play.

Best runner-up: Mophie Power Boost XXL

Best Battery Backup for Your Nintendo Switch Mophie Powerstation XXLSource: Mophie

Not everyone wants a big-honkin' battery. Sometimes, all you want is something you can slide into your pocket or clip onto the back, so it's all one piece with the Switch. These alternatives not only exist, but they're pretty good.

You can buy giant batteries to power your Nintendo Switch multiple times over, but you may not be super happy about carrying it around places. These batteries are often heavy or oddly shaped, making them difficult to fit in a pocket or small carrying case for your console. The Power Boost XXL is pretty darn big, but it's smaller than most batteries in its category. It's capable of charging up your Switch with an additional 100 hours of use, but like many USB battery backups, it'll only keep it from going dead if you're trying to play and charge at the same time.


  • Fast charging
  • Powerful
  • Sleek look


  • No PD charging

Best runner-up

Best Battery Backup for Your Nintendo Switch Mophie Powerstation xxl

Mophie Power Boost XXL

Powerful battery backup with less bulk

Striking a balance between portable and capable is a challenge; the battery offers up to 100 hours of extra battery life.

Best kickstand: YOBWIN Battery Charger Case for Switch

Yobwin Battery Charger Case Switch BacksideSource: Yobwin

If you don't want to worry about cables, this is your best bet for a Switch battery. It's like a charging case for your Switch. It clips onto the back of the device and has a USB-C plug that sends the juice to your Switch. It also has a little compartment within the Joy-Con casings so that you can take two additional game cards with you. It has a large kickstand on the back, instead of that awkward and unbalanced design the Switch comes with. The four-light status LEDs on the side will let you know when the charger needs its own charge.

It has a 10000mAh battery, so you're going to get up to eight hours of additional gameplay out of it. When you're just going to need a little extra power while you shred games in the car, you'll get through a few additional hours of leveling before you need to juice it back up. Plus, that helpful stand makes it a lot easier to play multiplayer games in tabletop mode.


  • Affordable
  • Secret compartment for game cards
  • Wire-free


  • Small battery life

Best kickstand

Yobwin Battery Charger Case Switch

YOBWIN Battery Charger Case for Nintendo Switch

Convenient, compact, and ready to charge

It attaches directly to the back of your Switch so you can continue gaming non-stop. It also has a kickstand for tabletop mode.

Best for travel: Bionik Power Commuter Travel Bag with Battery

Bionik Power Commuter Travel Bag With Battery OpenSource: Bionik

If you just want to make one purchase to get ready to travel with your Nintendo Switch, this should be it. The ultra-slim 10,000mAH power bank can be used to charge your Switch and USB-C compatible smartphones and tablets with a built-in charging cable, meaning you have one less thing you can forget when packing. One downside is the battery is a little big compared to others of its capacity.

It also comes with an awesome travel bag that has pockets for 18 game cartridges and Joy-Cons. The canvas exterior looks good and will protect your games and accessories. Toss it in your backpack or use the removable shoulder strap to carry it separately for easy access.


  • Built-in USB-C charging cable
  • Comes with a great travel bag
  • Case holds 18 game cartridges


  • Battery is a bit large
  • Can't charge more than one device at a time

Best for travel

Bionik Power Commuter Travel Bag With Battery Closed

Bionik Power Commuter Travel Bag with Battery

One less thing to worry about

If you need a travel case and a battery backup for your Switch, you can get both simultaneously.

Best for comfortable play: NEWDERY External Battery Station for Switch

Newdery External Battery Station Nintendo SwitchSource: NEWDERY

Maybe you want to keep playing while you're charging your Nintendo Switch, but you also want a comfortable grip for your Joy-Con controllers? If so, that's where the NEWDERY External Battery Station comes in. Just hook up this case, and you'll be able to continue using your Nintendo Switch on the go. You don't have to worry about separate Joy-Con attachments as it's all one piece. That also means this provides some protection for your Switch against drops and bumps.

It features a 10000mAh battery, but it only offers between six to eight hours of extra playtime, which is less than half of what's on offer from some other batteries. It can also make your Switch a bit warm even though the vents are exposed to the air.


  • Comfortable form factor
  • Easy to use while playing
  • Good grip
  • Two cartridges slots
  • Kickstand


  • Shorter battery life than some others

Best for comfortable play

Newdery Nintendo Switch Charging Case

NEWDERY External Battery Station Nintendo Switch

Play in comfort

With the NEWDERY External Battery Station, you'll get a few extra hours of charging time while using your Switch in handheld mode.

Best handheld charging: Marval Power GuliKit Battery Master

Best Battery Backup for Your Nintendo Switch Marval Power GuliKitSource: Marval Power

If you don't see yourself using a kickstand while playing your Nintendo Switch on the go, then this battery attachment will be the perfect fit for you. Unlike other batteries that attach directly to the unit, this one isn't nearly as bulky, so your fingers won't get extended further while you're grasping the Switch in your hands. However, it does make the Switch weigh more, so you need to be prepared for that.

It offers 10000mAh, which gives you 10-plus hours of additional battery life. There are multiple ports on the side of the battery, so you can charge more than one device at a time. That makes it a helpful unit for charging your smartphone when on the go.


  • Doesn't take up a lot of room
  • Attaches to the Switch
  • Multiple charging ports


  • Small battery
  • Somewhat heavy

Best for handheld charging

Best Battery Backup For Your Nintendo Switch Marval

Marval Power GuliKit Battery Master - Backup battery charger

A battery backpack for Nintendo Switch

It straps to the backside of your console and supplies 10+ hours of charge. You can also charge other electronics like your phone.

Don't worry about running out of battery

When you combine power output, price, and design, the Anker PowerCore 20100 Nintendo Switch Edition battery quickly becomes the best Nintendo Switch battery pack for just about every situation. It will give you 15 hours of extra playtime and charge your system at full speed, so you don't have to stop playing your game. We also recommend it above any other Nintendo Switch battery pack because it's officially licensed, so it's designed to work perfectly with the system.

If you've got one of the newer Nintendo Switch models, such as the Nintendo Switch OLED, your handheld console will last much longer playing the best games available on Switch than if you were on a launch edition. However, it's still a great idea to pick up a battery, as more playtime never hurts.

The Anker PowerCore 20100 Nintendo Switch Edition can simultaneously charge other devices such as an iPhone or iPad. When the power bank itself is out of juice, you can just plug it into the wall, and it will recharge in three hours thanks to its Power Delivery. It also doesn't take up much space when you're traveling. If you're looking for something more specific from your backup battery, one of the other picks will work, but the Anker PowerCore 20100 Nintendo Switch Edition is probably your best bet.

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