Best portable charger for Nintendo Switch Lite 2023

Nintendo Switch Lite Yellow
Nintendo Switch Lite Yellow (Image credit: Nintendo)

You can never have enough battery life for any portable device, and the Nintendo Switch Lite is no exception. The console has a battery capacity of 3,570 mAh, which means it should last approximately three to seven hours, depending on what games you are playing. For any journey longer than a few hours, you'll definitely need a portable battery pack as one of the key Nintendo Switch accessories to pair with it. Here are some of the best battery backups for the Nintendo Switch Lite that money can buy.

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All these battery packs are a good choice, though it depends entirely on what you plan on using them for. In terms of ease of portability, the Anker PowerCore 10000 is our favorite. Being able to charge the Nintendo Switch Lite almost three times means that you can keep playing for a long time without being burdened by a heavy battery pack.

Need to charge more than one device at the same time and recharge the battery pack swiftly? Look no further than the Anker PowerCore III Elite 25600. Are you thinking of going hiking or on a camping trip with your new Nintendo Switch Lite? If so, then make sure you check out the solar-powered Kepswin Solar Charger 20000mAh, which is also waterproof, dustproof, and comes with a built-in flashlight as well.

Battery packs aren't the only accessory you need for the Switch or Switch Lite. If you're picking up either of Nintendo's portable consoles, consider some key accessories to go with it that will make your experience with the console easier and more enjoyable.

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