Best Bedside Stand for the Nintendo Switch iMore 2019

Given the portable nature of the Nintendo Switch, it is no wonder that many gamers would sometimes like to play a game or two while lying in their comfortable beds. That said, anyone who has tried to play in handheld mode whilst lying on their back for too long will know that it is difficult to stop the Nintendo Switch from falling into your face after a while. Here are some ways to enjoy hands free gaming while in bed.

Best all round tablet stand: Tyrone Gooseneck Tablet Stand

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A strong and sturdy screw in clamp tablet holder, the Tyrone Gooseneck easily attaches to a nearby table, bookshelf, bed headboard or anywhere else you can think of! Constructed with a stiffened aluminium gooseneck arm, holding your Nintendo Switch or iPad is no problem.

$20 at Amazon

Best budget option: Younik Nintendo Switch Stand

The Younik stand is a compact portable stand which folds flat for easy portability. The non-slip design includes rubber feet to hold the device firmly in place no matter where it is placed. Also, there are three adjustable viewing angles for you to choose your perfect gaming angle from.

$8 at Amazon

Compact slim option: Lamicall Multi-Angle Nintendo Switch Playstand

This Lamicall playstand is a simple foldable desk stand capable of easily fitting in a your pocket. Rubber padding protects your device from being scratched while it is held and the height can be adjusted to any level. It's a great travel option.

$14 at Amazon

Clip it on: Macally Flexible and Adjustable Gooseneck Clip On Stand

Are you always moving around and want something that you don't have to unscrew every time? This is the clamp for you as it clips on to any surface up to 1.75" thick therefore making it really quick and easy to remove. The holder can also be rotated a full 360º - great for watching videos or reading books.

$14 at Amazon

Suction power: Grip Tight Suction Cup Holder

A tablet holder with a twist - the Grip Tight Suction Cup Holder has a rotating rotary knob to ensure that there is no air left between the suction cup and the surface to ensure a sturdy setup. This helps to greatly reduce the wobbliness inherent in many bedside stands.

$35 at Amazon

A bigger stand: Jubor Kitchen Tablet Mount Stand

Looking for something a bit bigger with an elegant design? Not planning on moving around too much? Want to hold your Nintendo Switch as well as a larger tablet up to 12.9"? Then look no further than the Jubor Kitchen Tablet Stand.

$26 at Amazon

Rubberised clip on: Aduro Solid-Grip Stand

The Aduro Solid-Grip Stand features two rubberised grips that will fit up to a 3" thick surface which help to hold the stand in place. It also sports a 360º rotation enabling easy horizontal or vertical viewing. Plus, it has the flexible neck which gives you even more control over your desired viewing angle.

$13 at Amazon

Enables easy charging: Hori Compact Playstand for Nintendo Switch

From renowned Japanese maker Hori, and officially licensed by Nintendo, this is a portable stand which folds flat, has rubberized grips on the bottom, allows adjustment of the viewing angle. It also allows easy charging of the Nintendo Switch while it is in position.

$13 at Amazon

Tablet case & stand in one: TNP Nintendo Switch Protective Case

Protect your Nintendo Switch screen from scratches with a case that also doubles as a stand. The case itself clips together magnetically when closed and when opened. Plus, there are 3 different viewing angles to choose from.

$10 at Amazon

Play while in bed

Any of these stands would be a valid choice for playing your Switch bed, but it ultimately depends on what setup you have at home. If you have a table, bookshelf, or headboard nearby then my favourite stand is definitely the Tyrone Gooseneck Tablet Stand due to its sturdiness, available in black or white, it should be capable of fitting into any room.

For anyone who is on a budget the Younik Nintendo Switch Stand will do the job perfectly well as long as you have a good location nearby to place the stand itself. If you currently lack a screen protector for the Nintendo Switch the TNP Nintendo Switch Protective Case is also a good choice as it kills two birds with one stone.

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