Best bedside stand for the Nintendo Switch 2022

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Given the portable nature of the Nintendo Switch, some like to play a game or two while lying in their comfortable beds with the best Switch bedside stand next to them. Anyone who has tried to play in handheld mode while lying on their back for too long will know that it's difficult to stop the Switch from falling onto your face. Here are some ways to enjoy hands-free gaming while cozy in bed.

Play while in bed

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All of these choices are considered to be some of the best Switch bedside stands. Each provides comfort and adjustable angles so you can game from your Switch in bed, but it ultimately depends on what setup you have at home. If you have a table, bookshelf, or headboard nearby, then my favorite stand is the Tryone Gooseneck Tablet Stand for its sturdiness and black or white color schemes, making it capable of fitting into any room.

For anyone looking for a portable solution, the Hori Compact Playstand for Nintendo Switch will do the job perfectly and has the added benefit of a charging option. If you currently lack a screen protector for the Nintendo Switch, the TNP Nintendo Switch Protective Case is also a good choice as it kills two birds with one stone.