Best cases for the 14-inch MacBook Pro in 2024

If you're looking to protect your precious MacBook Pro 14-inch from drops, scrapes, and other forms of damage, then one of the best cases for the MacBook Pro will be right up your alley. The first 14-inch MacBook Pro came out with its fresh new design in 2021 with the M1 Pro chip, and since then we've got newer models with M3, M3 Pro, and M3 Max chips inside. While these might be some of the best MacBooks around, they are also very expensive — so you should grab one of these cases to keep yours safe.

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Which is the best case for your 14-inch MacBook Pro?

Your 14-inch MacBook Pro deserves a dependable case for increased protection (and possibly one of the best bags for 14-inch Macbook Pros but that's another story). The best 14-inch MacBook Pro cases come in various designs, so there is definitely something out there for you. 

 However, the tried-and-true Incase Hardshell Dot Case is our overall favorite. It's been around for many years and offers excellent protection. For something completely different, consider the HYZUO Laptop Sleeve case. It comes in various colors and includes a separate accessory case.

If you're looking for something more durable, consider the U by UAG case. It's a translucent shell that provides scratch-resistant protection with a textured feel for an easy grip. Many people like leather, so if you're reasonably sure you won't need a hard case or a slender leather case, a sleeve can add a touch of class to your already impressive laptop. 

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