Best Charging Docks for Nintendo Switch Lite iMore 2020

While the new Switch Lite from Nintendo is primarily a handheld device, if you want to play it with friends or with a controller, you will need a good charging dock to keep it powered while you play. The Y-Team adjustable charging dock is an excellent choice to keep your Switch Lite going, and it folds away neatly to help you on the go.

Great viewing angles: Y-TEAM Adjustable Charging Stand

Staff Pick

This foldable dock has the advantage of being easily portable, as well as allowing you to adjust the viewing angle to better suit your needs. The side port for the USB-C also reduces stress on your cables.

$17 at Amazon

Protect your device: Momen Charging Holder Playstand

Sturdy and stable, the play stand will protect your Switch Lite from short-circuiting and power surges. The USB-C is also flexible enough to bend slightly, which will keep it from damaging your handheld's socket.

$14 at Amazon

The extra mile: ECHZOVE Charging Station

The ECHZOVE allows you to charge both your Switch Lite and Pro Controller at the same time, along with other USB-C devices such as an Android phone. Slots in the back hold up to nine game cartridges, and lights will let you know if it's charging or has completed or fully charged.

$16 at Amazon

Travel ready: Meneea Charging Dock

The triangular charging station fits in your pocket so you can take it on the go and fully charge your Switch Lite in 2.5 hours. It will also protect it from short-circuiting and power surges. The device comes in gray, green, and yellow so you can match the color to the handheld.

$13 at Amazon

A more elegant choice: KenSera Charging Dock Station

A lot of the Switch Lite chargers are stubby little things that always look temporary. This charging stand comes in matching colors and is longer and more elegant. It seems like a more permanent solution to your charging woes.

$12 at Amazon

Fast charging: NEWDERY 10000mAh Battery Charger Case

NEWDERY support fast charge adapters, fully powering up your Switch Lite in only an hour. A battery case is also built-in, which can give you an extra 10 hours of playtime, and the grip is meant to reduce stress on your wrist. There's also a card slot for you to stash games in.

$40 at Amazon

You got the power!

While there are a lot of charging docks out there, they are mostly the same thing from different manufacturers. These are the nicest ones we could find for you to use without doubling up on docks. The Y-TEAM adjustable charging stand is our staff pick as it is simple, clean, and portable. Having it fold away makes it easy to pack in your bag without fear of damage to the stand while it's stowed, and it minimizes the space it takes up too. The Meneea charging dock is another great choice. It fits in your pocket and comes in three colors to match your device.

These accessories also can protect your device from power surges, give you extra battery life, and store game cartridges. Whichever dock you choose, you'll be able to keep your Switch Lite charged and ready to go at a moment's notice.

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