Best comfort grips for Nintendo Switch iMore 2021

One of the most important things for handheld gaming is making sure your gaming system is comfortable to hold. The Nintendo Switch might offer tons of different Joy-Con colors. Still, it doesn't really offer the best handholds for long gaming sessions, but fortunately, there are plenty of accessories to help out with that. Whether you're buying for yourself or as a gift for someone else, these accessories are sure to be appreciated as they can help prevent cramping and discomfort. Here are the best Switch comfort grips.


Palm support: RDS Industries GripStand

Staff Pick

This comfort grip will hold your entire console and give your palms amazing support. Holding onto your switch will feel less like holding onto a stiff notebook and more like holding onto a really long PlayStation controller. It's perfect for consistent solo gaming.

$15 at Amazon
Hori Split Pad Pro for Nintendo Switch

Pro-like grips: Hori Nintendo Switch Split Pad Pro

These are technically controllers, but they offer far more grip than the official Joy-Cons do. Additionally, the buttons are larger as well as the joysticks, making it a lot more comfortable to play your Nintendo Switch for long stretches.

Orzly Grip Case

Full coverage: Orzly Comfort Grip Case

A great grip for more solo gaming, this piece puts all the grips directly to the device's back instead of the sides. It gives your fingers a little more to grip, so you don't have to lean the corners of your Switch into the bottoms of your palms. Choose between nine different colors.

$14 at Amazon
PowerA Comfort Grips

Longer width: PowerA Joy-Con Comfort Grip

PowerA Joy-Con is perfect for playing solo games but still uses the TV instead of the screen on the Switch itself. It adds comfort to your dual Joy-Cons without having different comfort grips entirely separate the two. Plus, the lights on these grips let you know when your controller is dying. Handy!

$9 at Amazon
Kinvoca Joycon Grip

Charging grip: Kinvoca Joy-Con Charging Grip

This Joy-Con grip comes charges your Joy-Cons, so you don't have to worry about removing your Joy-Cons to charge, and a USB cord to keep your controllers charged as you play.

$12 at Amazon
Mumba Hard Case

Heavy duty: Mumba Rubberized Snap On Hard Case

This ergonomic case provides a measure of protection for your Switch console in addition to making it easier to hold. The rubber casing protects your console from scratches, drops, and bumps. It easily snaps around the Switch and can quickly be removed for cleaning. Choose from four different color options.

$13 at Amazon
Sorzeen Dockable Case

Dockable grip: Sorzeen Dockable Case

This case features comfy ergonomic grips and is one of the few grips slim enough to dock while on your Switch. You'll be happy to note that you can also easily remove the Joy-Cons while the case is in place. It's also dirt-proof, splash-proof, and drop-proof, thanks to the high-grade soft plastic.

$15 at Amazon

Great for families: FASTSNAIL Grips Compatible with Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

Best for more multiplayer gamers. If you find yourself playing more games with friends and family that only use half of your Joy-Con, these controllers are perfect for you. Not only do they make your gaming more comfortable, but the protective coating on it is scratch-free to keep your set-up looking fresh. Choose between five color choices.

$10 at Amazon
Jamont Joy Con Cover

Super Mario red: Jamont Joy-Con Gel Guards

Not only will it give you a supportive bump for your palms, but they look and feel great and give your Joy-Con a slick, neon aesthetic (if you've got colored Joy-Cons, of course).

$8 at Amazon
TNP Products Grip Gel Guards

Consistent color scheme: Grip Gel Guards

Time to mix it up. Do you have the red and blue Joy-Cons for the Nintendo Switch? Well, don't miss out on keeping the colors the same! This package on Amazon offers great support without hiding those beautiful colors you loved enough to purchase as an original set.

$9 at Amazon
WHITEOAK Joy-Con Handle Grips

Mix & match: Whiteoak Joy-Con Grip

Can't make up your mind about which color you want? Get them all. The Whiteoak Joy-Con Grips have six colors to choose from, and all offer the same amount of protection and support for your gaming experience. You can get whacky with some hot pink designs or keep it solid with plain black!

$15 at Amazon
Powera Joy Con Comfort Grips

Can't beat the basics: PowerA Joy-Con Comfort Grips for Nintendo Switch

This simple comfort grip is almost identical to the Joy-Con comfort grip included with your Nintendo Switch console. It's a great way to make a makeshift Pro Controller with your Joy-Cons.

$15 at Best Buy

Get a grip

A good comfort grip is another essential accessory that goes a long way towards increasing your handheld gaming experience. Your hands will feel less cramped gripping a molded plastic or rubber case, and the Switch will be less likely to fall from your hands. There are plenty of Nintendo Switch grips on the market, so we scoured the internet to determine which ones were best.

We love all the multiplayer options the Switch is capable of, but let's face it. Most of the time, you're going to be using this console to play excellent games like Breath of the Wild by yourself. That means the RDS Industries GripStand will be the perfect addition to your setup. Not only is it designed to host your entire console, but it gives you the palm support you've been looking for, so your thumbs don't get sore.

If you'd prefer something that can be used in both handheld mode and when docked, we recommend the Sorzeen Dockable Case. It features comfy hand grips and allows you to easily remove the Joy-Cons while the case is clipped onto the console.

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