One could argue that one of the most important elements of a satisfying gaming experience is a comfortable and effective controller. The game controller is your translator from the real world to the digital realm. If you don't have a good controller it can affect the way in which you engage with the game world. While the joy-cons for the Nintendo Switch are fun little controllers, they do have their downsides. Handling those little things for long periods of time can cause your hands to cramp and they could certainly benefit from a little extra grip on those thumbsticks.

If, for the most part, you are going to be using your Switch in docked mode then you are probably going to want a solution to keep your joy-cons charged. However, if you're going to be playing on your TV then you might as well upgrade your controller altogether. But what is the best aftermarket controller you can get for your Switch?

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The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Yes, the Switch Pro Controller is a bit more expensive than other console controllers but fortunately for us, the upsides totally outweigh the pain of the cost. First of all the Pro Controller is probably one of the most comfortable controllers I have ever held. It has justifiably been compared to the much beloved Xbox 360 controller. The button layout is shockingly similar to that of the 360 controller and it also sports the offset sticks which make the Microsoft controller more comfortable than those by Sony.

Another reason to love the pro controller is the stellar battery life. With an advertised 40 hours of play available that pretty much doubles the life you get out of your joy-cons. Aside from an insanely upgraded battery, another improvement you will see on the pro controller is in the d-pad. I think my biggest issue with the joy-cons is that they forgo the traditional d-pad for individual buttons. If like me, you prefer to use an actual d-pad, then the Pro Controller is the way to go.

There are starting to be more and more controller options for the Switch. You can choose a wired third-party solution and you can even go with a retro styled controller if that suits you. But, if you are looking for the very best controller available for your switch then it might behoove you to spend 65$ and pick up a Pro Controller. Every time I pick up mine I am glad I added it to my Switch arsenal.

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What is your favorite Switch controller?

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