Best Nintendo Switch controllers for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate iMore 2020

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is thundering toward its release on Nintendo Switch this coming December. As Switch owners are getting all hyped up for the day it comes out, many have started thinking about controllers. In case you are unfamiliar, when playing any Smash Bros. title, tight controller input can make the difference between victory and defeat.

Go Pro!: Switch Pro Controller

There are plenty of people who might find a controller that you use especially for Smash Bros. to be a little bit of overkill. If that is the case the Pro Controller is an awesome workhorse that can be used for any game on the Switch.

$60 at Amazon

Official Style!: Official Smash Bros. wired controller

If you are looking for a GameCube style controller to use with Smash Bros. but you don't want to have to deal with adapters, Nintendo was thinking about you. This official controller is a perfect choice for a Smash Bros. obsessive.

$30 at Amazon

What's old is new: Adapter

For some people, the only proper way to smash bros is with the original GameCube controller. If you are one of these folks you are going to need some sort of adapter that will actually allow you to plug the controller into your Switch. Fortunately, Nintendo is aware of the preference and will be offering a solution. For $20 you can order an official Nintendo adapter which will allow you to plug up to 4 Game Cube controllers into your Switch.

$20 at Amazon

Be a pro breaux: Super Smash Bros. Edition Pro Wireless Controller

If you are a fan of the Pro Controller and you have grown comfortable with its ergonomics but you want something that expresses your love for Smash Bros, Nintendo has you covered. In conjunction with the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, you can get your hands on the Smash Bros. edition wireless pro controller.

$75 at Amazon

There is a multitude of options when it comes to controllers on Nintendo Switch. No matter what anyone says, the most important thing is to choose a controller that feels right and comfortable for you. Now get out there and start exercising those digits so you are ready to take care of business when Super Smash Bros. Ultimate comes out in December!

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