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You certainly don't want to lose your fabulous AirPods 3, and ear hooks can help them fit in your ear more securely. Generally, ear hooks won't fit inside the charging case, so keep in mind that you'll need to put them on and take them off each time you use them. Here are some of the best ear hooks for AirPods 3 that you can buy.

Mctopzo Airpods 3 Ear Hooks Render Cropped

Just the basics: MCTOPZO AirPods 3 Ear Tips (4-pack)

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These simple ear hooks do the job. The wingtip slides comfortably into the cartilage of your ear, making a more secure fit for your AirPods 3. You get four in a package (all white, all black, or half and half) so you'll have plenty of spares in case you lose them.

$9 at Amazon
Damonlight Airpods 3 Ear Hooks Render Cropped

Two-pronged: DamonLight AirPods 3 Ear Hooks

If the typical single-pronged style isn't for you, check out this two-pronged style. These ultra-soft silicone tips may fit your ear more snugly and comfortably. These come with their own storage pouch, so you won't lose them when you're not using them.

$10 at Amazon
Wchookz Airpods Ear Hooks Render Cropped

Model agnostic: WC HookZ AirPods Ear Hooks

Since these over-the-ear ear hooks attach to the AirPods' stems as opposed to the earbuds themselves, they will fit previous models and possibly future models, too. Plus, they come in some fun colors.

$14 at Amazon
Suofeik Airpods Ear Hooks Render Cropped

Nice price: SUOFEIK Ear Hooks for AirPods 1, 2, and 3 (4-pack)

Get four pairs of over-the-ear ear hooks for one low price. Since they hook onto the AirPods stems, they will fit any model that has them.

$7 at Amazon
Chenfly Ear Hooks Airpods 3 Render Cropped

Two different styles: Chenfly Ear Hooks for AirPods 3 (4-pack)

Can't decide if you'd prefer the in-ear or over-the-ear style? Get two of each with this set. The in-ear style is a custom fit to the AirPods 3, while the over-ear style will work with just about any stemmed earbuds.

From $8 at Amazon
Cobcobb Airpods Strap Render Cropped

Around your neck: cobcobb Ultra Strong Magnetic AirPods Strap

If you don't like the feeling of ear hooks in or on your ears, you might consider a strap like this instead. If your AirPods 3 do fall out of your ears, at least they won't drop to the ground or get lost. When not in use, your AirPods 3 can rest around your neck; the magnets form a necklace that stays in place. Choose from a bunch of color options.

$11 at Amazon

Which of the best ear hooks for AirPods 3 should you buy?

Losing an AirPod really stinks, and if you've done it, know that you're not alone. But a tiny investment in a pair of ear hooks might just prevent that from happening. The simplest solution is the MCTOPZO AirPods 3 Ear Tips. The soft, inexpensive silicone tips slide easily onto your AirPods 3 and offer you a more secure fit. Since you're getting four of them for one low price, you can split up a package with friends or just have plenty of spares to keep on hand.

Or, you can make a fashion statement with the WC HookZ AirPods Ear Hooks, which come in some great colors. Some people prefer the feeling of the in-ear hooks while others will like this over-ear style. Since these attach to the stems rather than the AirPods themselves, they'll be a bit more future-proof, and will certainly fit the previous models.

Looking for more accessories? We've rounded up some great cases for AirPods 3 that add both protection and personality.

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